Estelle's Gifts

Written by Timothy Davis

Welcome to an exciting and beautiful assortment of unique gifts from my heart to your heart. Inside you will find some ofrepparttar most loveliest gifts offered for any occasion


Written by Peter Sharpe

1. Write as if you had 5 minutes to stand face to face and sell your product or service torepparttar customer. 2. Write down all issues important to your market. 3. Avoid anything that would offend anybody like specific religious reference or curse words. 4. Always placerepparttar 127296 customer first (a guy actually tried to sell me a vacuum cleaner once emphasizing that if I bought it, HE would get a trip to Florida - not smart). 5. Sellrepparttar 127297 benefits, tell success stories, mention your associations withrepparttar 127298 big shots. 6. Don't sell multiple products in a letter. 7. Do not confuse people in any way. 8. Display a picture ofrepparttar 127299 product if possible. Show a "screen shot" of a web site, disk or CD-Rom if possible. 9. Show someone enjoyingrepparttar 127300 product. 10. Don't mentionrepparttar 127301 possibility that they might now buy. 11. Be refreshingly honest. 12. Don't overdo technical information unless it's atrepparttar 127302 level of your specific market. 13. Learn any necessary "lingo" to speak to your market. 14. Don't bombard people with exaggerated benefits, lies or even cliches. 15. Include a very long guarantee - 10 years or even lifetime. 16. Offer a free bonus, pile onrepparttar 127303 bonuses and benefits. 17. Make your letter long enough to getrepparttar 127304 reader to spend time with it instead of making it look and feel like a garage sale or flea market flyer. 18. Always mentionrepparttar 127305 price (I hate it when people don't do this). Mentionrepparttar 127306 price up front if it isrepparttar 127307 focal point ofrepparttar 127308 letter, but hold off until later if it is a costly item. 19. Offer rush delivery, remember thatrepparttar 127309 product isrepparttar 127310 star, not you! 20. Cleverness kills sales (you want people buying, not laughing). 21. E-mail to your prospect six times, varyrepparttar 127311 letter on repeat mailings, make follow up letters flow together.

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