Essentials of Network Marketing

Written by Sean Felker

Surely by now you’ve heard of network marketing and its promises to generate for you an unlimited income fromrepparttar luxury of your own home withoutrepparttar 146806 stress of a fixed workday schedule.

You might wonder what magic this network marketing is. It’s really quite simple, and when successful, you really can makes lots of money. Of course, it’s not as easy asrepparttar 146807 ads make it to be.

Some manufacturers use another route to sell their products other thanrepparttar 146808 standard manufacturer-warehouse-wholesaler-retailer-customer path.

This alternative route is known as network marketing. You buyrepparttar 146809 products from someone who is already a member of a network marketing company. He recruits you and becomes your sponsor.

You, in turn, will be selling products too. Upon joiningrepparttar 146810 network, you will become a part of your sponsor’s downline, which just means all of his recruits and his recruits’ recruits (and so on).

Your sponsor benefits from his downline because he will get a small percentage of profit for every item sold by every member. However, aside from selling, you are also expected to get recruits and create your own downline.

The bigger your downline is,repparttar 146811 better chances for you to earn big. Suppose you recruit ten people, and each one of them recruits another ten. You’ll get a hundred people already at justrepparttar 146812 second level.

If all these members are active sellers and recruiters then you’ll have around more than a thousand people from which you can get profit from.

There’s monetary investment involved in network marketing. Some ask for membership fees, while most require you to buy a set of allrepparttar 146813 products offered upon joining. Either way, it’s still money out of your pocket. If you’re willing to risk joining a startup company, you will not be dealing with sponsors because you’ll be a pioneer member.

Ifrepparttar 146814 company becomes successful, you’ll have more members in your downline than you’ve ever dreamed of, and if all of them do their job well, maybe you can afford to sit back and wait whilerepparttar 146815 money goes straight to your pocket, and not out of, for a change.

Real Estate Feasibility Study (Income Side)- $1.2 Billion Developer Tells You How To Do One

Written by Colm Dillon

There are two sides to a feasibility study and in an earlier article I discussedrepparttar cost side ofrepparttar 146802 format and:

Now Let's Discuss The Income Side

Withoutrepparttar 146803 Sales Income, All You’ve Done Is Spend Money, And Anyone Can Do That.

So that we are clear in what I am going to define for you, let me say that there are two forms of Income.

We shall be dealing with Sales Income, in this article, which in our case will consist of large amounts of money being received as a developer in exchange forrepparttar 146804 property units we have created.

The other form of income in a feasibility study, is Rental Income and will be addressed at another time when I write an E-book on Commercial Development.

Sales Income

Because ofrepparttar 146805 make up of our feasibility study sheet, there will be no deductions from out Gross Sales Income, because we have allowed for those costs onrepparttar 146806 Cost Side of our feasibility study.

Items such as sales commissions for sales agents and various marketing costs have already been allowed for previously.

Now I have seen some formats of feasibility study, which deducts marketing costs fromrepparttar 146807 Gross Sales Income to produce a Net Sales Income.

It achieves nothing – "all costs are costs" and they should be put onrepparttar 146808 cost side ofrepparttar 146809 feasibility study, which is what I do and have always done.

When Can You Get Your Hands On The Sales Income.

Gettingrepparttar 146810 sales income into your account is very important, yet many people never askrepparttar 146811 question as to whatrepparttar 146812 procedure is “exactly” in their neck ofrepparttar 146813 woods.

Get to your Conveyance Expert and have them give you a schedule of events “with an estimate of time for each stage.”

This information is important in preparing your cash flow feasibility study format, as it results in reducing your interest cost.

So by knowing this information atrepparttar 146814 beginning of a development investigation, you are adding a little bit of “certainty” torepparttar 146815 early stages of your feasibility study.

Let me give you an example:

Atrepparttar 146816 end ofrepparttar 146817 construction phaserepparttar 146818 builder moves off site, there are a whole range of things that have to occur, any or all of which can delay, settlement taking place and so delay you gettingrepparttar 146819 Sales Income.

Some of these things are:

•Architect’s inspection ofrepparttar 146820 entire project.

•Architect preparing a Defects List.

•Builder calling back subcontractors to correct defects.

•Architect’s final inspection.

•Architect issues Completion Certificate

•Surveyor (engineers in some countries) does final measurement ofrepparttar 146821 individual residential accommodation units and compares to Unit Plan that is included inrepparttar 146822 Sales Contract.

•Preparation ofrepparttar 146823 Final Unit Plan (as used by conveyance office) for settlement.

•Lodgment ofrepparttar 146824 Unit Plan withrepparttar 146825 Titles Office.

•Registered Title Issued byrepparttar 146826 Titles Office.

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