Essential Equipment For Your Home Office

Written by BB Lee

Essential Equipment For Your Home Office.. Home Office Tips by BB Lee(C)2003

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This part concernsrepparttar basic equipment you will need in your home office if you want to be productive.

A Computer: I assume most people reading this article already have a personal computer. Purchaserepparttar 117394 best you can afford. But, if you are budget minded, you can find many computer stores selling a full computer setup for under $1,000. For starters, take a look at Dell Computer's Website.

The hardware or software you will need on your computer will depend on your type of buisiness. Most ofrepparttar 117395 newer computers are pre-loaded with allrepparttar 117396 basic software you will need to run your home office inrepparttar 117397 beginning. This would include: emailing, spreadsheets, wordprocessing, database creation. Don't forget to install a good back up system for your important files plus a good surge protector to protectrepparttar 117398 computer. And anti-virus software for added protection when onrepparttar 117399 Internet.

Monitor: Computers are packaged with monitors. A few years ago 15 inches was standard. Now you can easily up grade to a 17 inch screen or larger. Larger viewing areas help reduce eyestrain.

Printers: Again most computers are packaged with a printer. Printers available might be ink jet, or laser. Laser printers produce higher, crisper, professional work. A laser printer is a good choice if you do a lot of printing and correspondence. If you rarely print out your work, a lower price ink jet printer is adequate.

Scanner: If you desktop publish you will certainly need a scanner. Scanners are great for scanning images from books, newspapers, reports. Use to make copies of important business documents.

Fax/Copy Machine: A dedicated fax line is a must if you are online for long periods of time. A fax is still quite essential even inrepparttar 117400 face of email technology. Many business people still prefer a hands on hard copy instead of email documents. Fax machines also are good copy machine substitutes if you frequently need to copy documents. Fax machines are available for under $100. And don't forget that you can easily send and receive faxes from your computer with Win Fax.

Medical Billing As A Home-Based Business, Is It Really A Scam?

Written by Paul G. Hackett

As I read yet another article last week about how medical billing from home was a scam I became concerned (as always) because these articles tend to be one sided and it's not fair that people aren't being toldrepparttar other side. So how can one really make an informed decision aboutrepparttar 117393 field on a whole?

Make on mistake about it, medical billing as a home based business is Not A Scam, it's a very lucrative business, a very hands on business, a personally rewarding business and there are thousands of business owners and physicians nationally that can attest torepparttar 117394 fact that they benefit highly from it.

This industry is so big and profitable that companies abroad are bombarding medical billing owners withrepparttar 117395 prospect of outsourcing our workload to them for little to nothing so that they can get a piece ofrepparttar 117396 pie.

There are only two reasons why this profession gets a bad rap:

1.) There are several companies out there preying on those that are not educated enough aboutrepparttar 117397 field to realize that most companies, newspaper ads and software vendors are scam artists in disguise and...

2.) Most if not all of those that don't succeed or got scammed alongrepparttar 117398 way never didrepparttar 117399 initial research necessary fromrepparttar 117400 start and then jumped in with booth feet not knowing what they were up against. Thus, they set themselves up to get scammed but instead of takingrepparttar 117401 responsibility for their actions they cry foul, blamerepparttar 117402 industry in general and say it's nothing but a scam.

As a seven year home based medical billing business owner I've heard allrepparttar 117403 heart wrenching stories of failure but it always leads back torepparttar 117404 story teller admitting to me that they were not really aware of whatrepparttar 117405 business entailed outside of what they were told or heard. They went ahead anyway because they wanted to get some ofrepparttar 117406 fortune that goes along with this multi-million dollar industry.

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