Espresso Machines: What You May Not Know

Written by John R. Barker

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee that is made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee at a high pressure.

In order to forcerepparttar water throughrepparttar 113085 fine-ground coffee, espresso machines use pressure that comes from heating water inside a sealed vessel. Some machines a pump driven, while others are steam driven. Pump driven machines generate more consistent pressure atrepparttar 113086 optimal brewing temperature. Most commercial grade machines are pump driven. A steam driven machine is most common atrepparttar 113087 lower-end ofrepparttar 113088 consumer market.

Espresso machines can be bought from around $30 up to many thousands - and there are even variations ofrepparttar 113089 espresso machine made especially for camping trips. All machines work onrepparttar 113090 same basic principles.

Findingrepparttar 113091 Right Espresso Machine for You

Making a quality espresso drink is an art form. Fortunately, options are available that match your skill level - or desire for ease of use. Some machines will do everything for you. Other espresso machines require a high level of operator skill and interaction. Tip your barista well!

It's important to considerrepparttar 113092 various elements involved. You may want supreme simplicity in a home espresso machine - insert espresso pod, push go, wait 45 seconds and enjoy.

Or you may be inrepparttar 113093 market for a commercial grade machine which requires a commercial grade grinder, direct plumbing and electrical.

Why buy an espresso machine?

You might be a little shocked and surprised when you start your espresso machine shopping adventure. These machines aren't cheap! Notrepparttar 113094 good ones anyway.

Before You Buy an Espresso Machine, Consider This . . .

Written by John R. Barker

A really good cup of espresso is one of life's finer pleasures. And a surprising number of factors contribute (or take away from)repparttar quality of your coffee drinking experience.

Of course,repparttar 113084 quality ofrepparttar 113085 machine producing your espresso is a significant consideration. It's just as important asrepparttar 113086 coffee beans you brew.

Here are some simple, yet important guidelines when selecting an espresso machine for your home, business or office use.

Machine Look and Design:

Ask any barista; Making a good cup of espresso is an art form. The best espresso machines, largely influenced by their Italian roots, are themselves a work of art. Givenrepparttar 113087 wide variety of high performance machines available, you'll want to select a machine that complements your own unique style.

Quality ofrepparttar 113088 Machine:

Isrepparttar 113089 machine consistent? Is it easy to use? Doesrepparttar 113090 company back it with a long-term warranty? Arerepparttar 113091 key parts made of high quality materials? Or doesrepparttar 113092 machine feature mostly plastic?

Convenience and Usability:

Some of us want to push a button and letrepparttar 113093 machine dorepparttar 113094 work. Others of us want to be intimately involved with each step ofrepparttar 113095 brewing process. Some machines come with a built in grinder - and other will require you purchase a special grinder. Think hard about how much effort you're willing to put into making a drink when you crawl out of bed!

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