Escaping The Matrix

Written by The-WezeeMall-Know-It-All

One of my mottos has always been "work smarter,not harder". I guess that's why I never could hold a traditional/regular job down because that WAS definitely harder. I gave away my precious time and energy to earning huge dollars someone else collected in exchange for a few pennies on those dollars...what an idiot! How's that going to ever be able to take care of my three little ones?

Sure others have somehow got by,but at what cost? No time for your little ones because your time gets ate up by working for someone else...cycles of debt because you never make enough so you get caught up in loans,credit cards,and such...worn-down physical body...possible mental break-downs becuaserepparttar stress of allrepparttar 141881 above is just unbearable.

We must takerepparttar 141882 initiative and Do For Self! Change our own realities to avoidrepparttar 141883 never-ending cycle of being enslaved to dead-end jobs and debt! We MUST escape this MATRIX!

The current Matrix is inrepparttar 141884 Information Age. So he who controls/weilds information is king. The advent ofrepparttar 141885 Internet makesrepparttar 141886 netrepparttar 141887 ultimate castle of information;ie,the ultimate library. Therefore,it only makes sense to userepparttar 141888 internet asrepparttar 141889 means to rule--find success in one's life. Weild it properly and you'll find yourself being freed fromrepparttar 141890 Matrix.

In order to be free in this world you need to make money. The way to make money is through selling something. This plusrepparttar 141891 Internet equalsrepparttar 141892 formula for freedom. Takerepparttar 141893 information onrepparttar 141894 internet(known as info-products,eproducts,etc.)and market them...become an Internet Marketer!

One ofrepparttar 141895 immediate decisions a new internet marketer must decide is exactly what to sell? There are literally thousands of choices to choose from. Just goto and you'll see what I mean. Butrepparttar 141896 key is figuring out which one(s) will generaterepparttar 141897 most profit for you,right? I mean that's why you're doing internet marketing because you want profits which will enable you to free yourself fromrepparttar 141898 Matrix!

Unusual Home Businesses

Written by Randy Wilson

All Unusual Home Businesses have one great thing in common in that theyíre, well, unusual. This often means both that tons of other people havenít gotten in on them yet and that you can find them in all sorts of unexpected places. This can have you onrepparttar road to having your own successful at home business a lot quicker and without a lot of competition.

One ofrepparttar 141852 more unusual money making ideas thatís a great deal of fun is mystery shopping. While you may have seen a lot of ads onrepparttar 141853 Internet about this unusual business opportunity, itís a safe bet that there arenít a lot of people performing this service in your areaówhich means you donít have a lot of competition to deal with.

For a nominal fee, you can sign up with an online service that supplies you with contact information for companies that are looking for people to become mystery shoppers. You not only make money at this, you get great deals on eating out, movie tickets, and of course, shopping. Might be something to check out if this interests you.

Maybe shopping isnít your thing. Have you considered selling books? Many of todayís book publishers have decided to boycottrepparttar 141854 huge bookstores by hiring people to market and sell their books directly to buyers. This is especially true of publishers who predominately publish Christian and childrenís books.

By doing this, they generate more sales without what amounts to having to payrepparttar 141855 major bookstores to carry their books (although many of these publishers will also have their books onrepparttar 141856 shelves of your nearest Borders which makes them allrepparttar 141857 more credible).

This is one ofrepparttar 141858 truly great unusual business opportunities if you love books, and it can net you a hefty profit. This is becoming a hot trend for people searching for money making opportunities online, sorepparttar 141859 time to get in on it is now.

Another one ofrepparttar 141860 unusual money making opportunities that youíve probably heard about is pet sitting. For this to be an unusual money making opportunity to you, you have to think outsiderepparttar 141861 box. For instance, when people hear about pet sitting, they automatically think of dogs and cats. But there is big money to be made in this area if you work for farmers or breeders. Think about it.

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