Escape the Asphalt Jungle: Retire, Relocate or Purchase a Second Home in Chesapeake Bay Country

Written by Elaine VonCannon

Do you loverepparttar beach, but haterepparttar 140983 crowds, traffic, and overpopulation of resorts that attract hordes of tourists? Why not consider Chesapeake Bay Country as repparttar 140984 place to relocate, retire or buy a second home instead? Located just 2 - 2 1/2 hours outside of Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia or and an hour from Richmond, Virginia, Chesapeake Bay country is one ofrepparttar 140985 best kept secrets about coastal Virginia. It's still rural enough for solitude and close enough to metropolitan areas like Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg to provide culture and entertainment nearby.

The Chesapeake Bay area was actually settled inrepparttar 140986 1600's and is rich with history. Some ofrepparttar 140987 best seafood restaurants are found in Gloucester, Gloucester Point, Matthews and Gwynn's Island becauserepparttar 140988 restaurants obtain fresh local catches of fish, oysters, scallops and blue crabs. Homes with boat docks and waterfront property abound because tidal rivers that lead torepparttar 140989 Chesapeake Bay slicerepparttar 140990 land. Buildrepparttar 140991 estate you've always dreamed about on agricultural land - always for sale. If you want to relocate, retire or buy a second home in Chesapeake Bay country,repparttar 140992 time is now. Join me for a short journey throughrepparttar 140993 best of Chesapeake Bay Country.

West Point West Point Virginia is located six miles off Interstate 64 between Richmond and Williamsburg and has a population of roughly 2,900 people. Property tax rates are low compared to more congested areas of Virginia. Many families want to live in West Point, becauserepparttar 140994 school district is so outstanding it falls withinrepparttar 140995 top 10 school districts of Virginia each year. West Point is a quiet Southern town, with some stunning 19th and early 20th Century architecture inrepparttar 140996 historic district. West Point is located atrepparttar 140997 place whererepparttar 140998 Mattoponi and Pamunky Rivers joinrepparttar 140999 York River. Once you crossrepparttar 141000 bridge on Route 33 you enterrepparttar 141001 Upper Peninisula and Northern Neck, borderingrepparttar 141002 Chesapeake Bay.

Gloucester & Gloucester Point Acrossrepparttar 141003 York River from historic Yorktown, (an alternate route to Gloucester is to take Route 33 from West Point) Gloucester and Gloucester Point are towns that are slowly increasing in population. Here you will find waterfront property that has been utilized by waterman since Colonial times. Many ofrepparttar 141004 waterfront properties were once plantations or home to Native Americas. Average homes for middle class families are numerous in this area. Choice real estate alongrepparttar 141005 river is available infrequently, and comes at a premium price.

Williamsburg Virginia: Golf Capital of the East Coast

Written by Elaine VonCannon

Williamsburg Virginia: Golf Capital ofrepparttar East Coast by Elaine VonCannon

Williamsburg Virginia is widely known among golf enthusiasts asrepparttar 140951 golf capital ofrepparttar 140952 East Coast. Many avid golfers retire or relocate to Williamsburg, Virginia so they can be near a wide selection of courses. Following is a sampling of golf courses in Williamsburg, with links to their web sites, where you will find virtual tours, tour packages, and descriptions ofrepparttar 140953 courses.

Royal New Kent ( In 2002, Golf Digest deemed Royal New Kent a 4 1/2 star course. The course flows across 7, 372 yards of Virginia countryside and has been likened to Irish links. Tall grasses blowing inrepparttar 140954 wind against a backdrop of sharp, green, grassy knolls and hand-stacked rocks arerepparttar 140955 reason for this comparison torepparttar 140956 Emerald Isle. Golfers are challenged byrepparttar 140957 opportunity for blind shots inrepparttar 140958 contoured fairways. Golfers appreciaterepparttar 140959 par 72 design with over 120 bunkers. Each hole offers many different playing options. Expect special treatment from curbside attendants, who greet you and unload your bags, and upon completion – wipe your clubs and put them inrepparttar 140960 car.

Colonial Williamsburg – The Golden Horseshoe Golf Club ( Choose from three courses at Colonial Williamsburg. Visitrepparttar 140961 web site for a virtual tour of each. The Gold Course This 18 hole course was opened in 1963 and was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Senior, who considers it one of his finest designs ever. The course is 6,817 yards, and offers a par 71 design. The Green Course Another 18 hole adventure, this course was designed by Rees Jones,repparttar 140962 son of Jones Sr. The Green Course is a longer design thenrepparttar 140963 Gold Course. Although it is created fromrepparttar 140964 same terrain as The Gold Course, this course is less challenging. The Green Course is 7,120 yards and offers a Par 72 design. The Spotswood Course This 9 hole wonder was named for a former governor of Colonial Virginia, Alexander Spotswood. Jones Sr. updatedrepparttar 140965 1947 design in 1963 onrepparttar 140966 Williamsburg Inn’s property.

Williamsburg National Golf Club ( Golf Digest gave this Nicklaus Design Associates course a 3 1/2 star rating and added their recommendation ofrepparttar 140967 WNGC as one ofrepparttar 140968 top 10 courses in Virginia. The 18-hole design is unique for its tree-lined fairways with challenging holes and wetlands for natural obstacles. The black course is 6,953 yards with a par 73;repparttar 140969 blue course is 6,411yards with a par 70;repparttar 140970 white course is 5,900 yards with a par 67;repparttar 140971 green course is 5, 122 yards with a par 68. Colonial Golf Club, Lanexa ( Golf Digest recently gaverepparttar 140972 Colonial Golf Club in Lanexa Virginia a 4 star rating. The tree lined course, in a tidal marsh setting is enhanced by a complete lack of development inrepparttar 140973 surrounding area. A public 3-hole regulation practice course is available for $18 and no prior reservation. This 18-hole course allowsrepparttar 140974 golfer to choose from five sets of tees (4,568-6,885 yards) and is a par 72. Golf enthusiasts love takingrepparttar 140975 challenge of “The Abyss” – a par 3 that is both renowned and cursed inrepparttar 140976 Williamsburg area.

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