Errors on Your Credit Report: What You Should Do

Written by Tim Gorman

There are times when you may be turned down for credit and you do not understand why. According torepparttar Fair Credit Reporting Act you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report if you have been denied credit because of negative items on your credit report within 60 days ofrepparttar 146419 request for credit, if you are unemployed but looking for work, are on welfare, or believe that your credit report is incorrect because of fraud. You may also receive a copy of your credit report for a small fee at any time in which you want to reviewrepparttar 146420 information contain therein.

If you dispute any ofrepparttar 146421 information on your credit report, there are steps that you,repparttar 146422 credit reporting agency andrepparttar 146423 information provider must take to haverepparttar 146424 information corrected or deleted form your report. 1. You should contactrepparttar 146425 credit reporting agency and request thatrepparttar 146426 inaccurate information be taken off. To do this you will need to send a letter of request and enclose a copy ofrepparttar 146427 report withrepparttar 146428 incorrect information highlighted. Send your request certified mail and indicate that a return receipt is requested. 2. The Credit reporting agency will forwardrepparttar 146429 request torepparttar 146430 information provider at which time they will review and investigaterepparttar 146431 request. Ifrepparttar 146432 information cannot be verified, then they must remove it. They can either correct or denyrepparttar 146433 request to changerepparttar 146434 information. They will then send their findings torepparttar 146435 credit reporting agency.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Written by Tim Gorman

Debt consolidation may berepparttar answer for anyone drowning in a sea of unpaid bills. Debt consolidation lumps all of your unsecured debts including credit card bills, doctor, dentist, veterinary, and other service provider bills any bills that are not secured by collateral or property such as an automobile or a house into one monthly payment.

Types of Debt Consolidation

There are several ways to achieve debt consolidation, including one that does not require borrowing more money. Debt consolidation options include:

1. Home Equity Loans A popular method of debt consolidation,repparttar 146418 home equity loan is a mortgage based onrepparttar 146419 amount of equity you have invested in your home. It should be noted that home equity loans are secured by your house, which means if you fail to make payments on schedule, and according torepparttar 146420 terms ofrepparttar 146421 loan, you risk losing your house.

2. Personal Loans Many banks and other lenders offer unsecured personal loans based on your annual income. The amount that can be borrowed will vary from person to person, and not everyone will qualify for this type of loan. To use personal loan proceeds for debt consolidation simply depositrepparttar 146422 loan money into your bank account and write checks to your creditors, or askrepparttar 146423 lender to disburserepparttar 146424 money to your creditors for you.

3. Private Loans Some people may be able to borrow from family or friends and arrange very individual terms. Borrowing from others in your personal life can be tricky business and it is advisable to make sure any arrangements are made in writing.

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