Era of Throwaway Lyrics

Written by Austin Akalanze

Era of Throwaway Lyrics

I often thought it wasrepparttar generation gap or perhapsrepparttar 125484 evolutionary cycle or simply a sign ofrepparttar 125485 end times. But, whatever it is, one thing is certain: that music has changed immensely inrepparttar 125486 20th century.

For brevity, my focus shall be onrepparttar 125487 sixties and seventies, whenrepparttar 125488 nations seemed to have come alive withrepparttar 125489 lyrics and rhythm ofrepparttar 125490 time andrepparttar 125491 nineties, when they seem to have lost that rhythm change that droverepparttar 125492 sixties.

While music has grown in other times,repparttar 125493 sixties saw an explosion inrepparttar 125494 industry. It did not only grow in size, but also in quality. Performers elevatedrepparttar 125495 art to a new high, using their talents to addressrepparttar 125496 needs and concerns of society.

In Africa, artists turned out hit after hit. This was especially true in central and western Africa. The folkloric songs ofrepparttar 125497 fifties were replaced byrepparttar 125498 more vibrant, more up beat rhythm ofrepparttar 125499 sixties. In Zaire, Franco in his hit song "Trezempoli," which translates "very impolite," criticized those who smoke in offices where they do not like smoke. Also in Zaire, Tabuley in his song "Sara" talked aboutrepparttar 125500 problem of divorce. In his philosophy divorce is unthinkable. Nigeria’s, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, in his massive hit "Zombie", done in Nigeria's unofficial lingua franca, Broken English, beratesrepparttar 125501 military government of then General Olusegun Obasanjo for its lack of vision andrepparttar 125502 soldiers for their blind obedience. "Zombie no go think unless you tell am to think…" he lamented.

Inrepparttar 125503 Caribbean,repparttar 125504 Ska was polished and elevated torepparttar 125505 richer, more balanced Rocksteady, with a lot of infusion ofrepparttar 125506 African drum, and finally torepparttar 125507 internationally acclaimed Reggae beat. Joe Higgs, Desmond Decker, and Bob Marley were some ofrepparttar 125508 early apostles. In his hit song "War," Bob Marley reechoed a speech made by Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia atrepparttar 125509 United Nations inrepparttar 125510 1960's. "Untilrepparttar 125511 philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior, is finally and permanently, discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war." Also fromrepparttar 125512 Caribbean, Jimmy Cliff, in his classic “Vietnam” lent a credible voice torepparttar 125513 opposition against America’s carnage in that country. "Yesterday I got a letter from my friend, fighting in Vietnam… Tell all my friends that I will be coming home soon, my time will be up sometime in June. But Mrs. Brown your son is dead.” Yet, in another hit he lamentedrepparttar 125514 widening divide betweenrepparttar 125515 rich andrepparttar 125516 poor. “It’s a pain to see we are in a sad situation, suffering inrepparttar 125517 land. The rich is getting richer andrepparttar 125518 poor…”

The story wasrepparttar 125519 same in America. Descendants of Negro slaves turnedrepparttar 125520 beats and experiences of White America's cotton fields into new forms, imbuing them with new spirituality and new energy that gave added impetus to their struggle. Candy Staton, in "Inrepparttar 125521 Ghetto," capturedrepparttar 125522 mood and spirit of Negroes trapped inrepparttar 125523 ghettoes of North America. "If there is anything she don't need, it’s another little hungry mouth to feed inrepparttar 125524 ghetto… and his mama cried." James Brown, in "I am Black and Proud," sought to bring pride back to blackness, which hitherto had been a burden and a badge of dishonor and scorn to those who wore it. “Say it loud, I am black and proud,” he implored. Cart Stevens, “Wild World”- now that I have lost everything to you …but if you wanna leave take good care, hope you make a lot of nice friends out there but just remember a lot of nice things turn bad out there…”

Jimmy’s Execution in his words — Part 2

Written by Jimmy Kinslow as told to Ed Howes


Nurse Viscum must have been angry atrepparttar world because she snapped a refusal to call Dr. Smith so I could speak to him. I asked several times more. Each request was refused. I told Nurse Viscum if she continued to misuse her role as a medical gatekeeper, refusing to relay my serious medical problems to Dr. Smith, I would file an institutional grievance against her. She exploded in anger and ordered me fromrepparttar 125483 HCU under threats of having me walked to segregation and thrown inrepparttar 125484 "hole". I left and filedrepparttar 125485 grievance.

The next week I reported torepparttar 125486 HCU to receive my weekly injection of PEG Interferon. I discovered Nurse Viscum had refused to reorder my dosage of PEG Interferon. I was unable to receive my injection of PEG Interferon until Thursday, December 5, 2002, four days behind schedule. I asked to speak withrepparttar 125487 temporary acting Medical Director, Dr. Jovita Anyanwu. Nurse Viscum said he refused to see me. I wanted to discuss any possible medical complications due to this delay inrepparttar 125488 medication schedule and make sure that I was now on a Thursday weekly injection schedule to receiverepparttar 125489 PEG Interferon. Nurse Viscum sarcastically replied, "yeah, you're on a Thursday schedule."

Four days later I was summoned torepparttar 125490 HCU Monday, December 9, 2002 and ordered to take another full strength injection of PEG Interferon. I refused at first, taking outrepparttar 125491 "Medication Guidelines" enclosed withrepparttar 125492 box thatrepparttar 125493 PEG-Interferon came in. It states that I was to NEVER, EVER take more than one single injection per week, and that it is supposed to be taken atrepparttar 125494 same time and day each week, whenever possible. Nurse Viscum tookrepparttar 125495 "Medication Guidelines" and leftrepparttar 125496 ER, saying she was going to show them to Dr. Anyanwu. She came back in minutes, saying that Dr. Anyanwu said I was to takerepparttar 125497 injection. It wouldn't hurt me and they wanted me back on a Monday injection schedule for their convenience.

Again I refused, saying I wanted to speak to Dr. Anyanwu in person. Nurse Viscum got onrepparttar 125498 phone in front of me and called someone she said was Dr. Anyanwu. She hung up and said I either takerepparttar 125499 injection as ordered, or my medical treatments would be terminated. Under this threat to stop my treatments, and against my better judgment, I submitted. I tookrepparttar 125500 early injection of PEG Interferon which overdosed me.

Big, big mistake. It hit me withrepparttar 125501 force of a sledgehammer, putting me in a near coma forrepparttar 125502 next week. It immediately began destroying my red blood cells at a rapid pace. I repeatedly requested to see a doctor overrepparttar 125503 frightening effects this was having on me. They steadfastly refused to see me. I filed grievances, wrote letters, spoke to officials in person. I was ignored. No doctor or other ADDUS Healthcare staff would see me until Dr. Kevin Smith reluctantly saw me January 9, 2003. His first words were to confront me over naming him in a lawsuit I filed overrepparttar 125504 first sabotage of my HCV treatments; under Kinslow v. Snyder, Jr., et al., No.01 466 DRH. In a very hostile manner, Dr. Smith refused to listen or treatrepparttar 125505 lingering, painful drug reaction I had torepparttar 125506 Periactin he had prescribed for me. He then dismissed my crashing red blood cell levels and refused to treat with Procrit or Neuprogen to stabilizerepparttar 125507 red/ white blood cells. He refused to prescribe vitamins or a medical diet recommended in order allowing me to takerepparttar 125508 Rebetol medications. These improverepparttar 125509 absorption and efficiency ofrepparttar 125510 anti viral medication up to 70% ; a very significant improvement which could meanrepparttar 125511 success or failure ofrepparttar 125512 treatments.

He refused to treatrepparttar 125513 uncured stomach/intestinal infection I still had. He adamantly refused to send me torepparttar 125514 specialist Dr. Wiley atrepparttar 125515 U.I.C Liver/Hematology Clinic over these medical problems and to generally monitor my treatments like they said they would when I beganrepparttar 125516 HCV treatments. This refusal to provide needed medical treatment for these serious conditions was clearly in retaliation for naming him in a lawsuit and filed grievances.

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