Written by dr anil maheshwari

What is Equality? Are men and women really equal to each other??????????? Please read on to find out! Anatomically-(physically)-------both are different. Physiologically(relating to sex-hormones)--------both are different. Genetically ---------both are different and have different reproductive systems------(xx=female)------(xy=male) Biologically-(sexually)-------both have different needs. Emotionally-------both react differently to situations in day-to-day life. Mentally------both think differently about values of life or otherwise. Socially and Traditionally------both have different roles and duties to perform in society----Man is basicallyrepparttar Bread-winner and Provider-----Woman is basically a care-taker(nurse). Fromrepparttar 127599 family view-point---a man(father) is considered asrepparttar 127600 head(intellect) ofrepparttar 127601 family andrepparttar 127602 woman(mother) isrepparttar 127603 heart ofrepparttar 127604 family. In chinese mythology---- The female force is represented by Yin(negative force ofrepparttar 127605 universe) &repparttar 127606 male force is represented by Yang(positive force) Everything about a man and a woman is different----right from their physical appearence, their needs,repparttar 127607 duties they perform,repparttar 127608 roles they play in society, and evenrepparttar 127609 way they procreate ---- inrepparttar 127610 act of creation (sexual act)---man isrepparttar 127611 active partner--the sexual act being initiated, maintained, completed and dominated byrepparttar 127612 male(man usually inrepparttar 127613 superior position)---whilerepparttar 127614 female is justrepparttar 127615 passive recepient---and conceptually too man beingrepparttar 127616 'seed' andrepparttar 127617 woman beingrepparttar 127618 'soil'.

Feb. 12 is "Darwin Day" -- Secular Americans Celebrate B'day of Evolution Champ

Written by Duncan Crary

This Feb. 12 marksrepparttar 196th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth!

The day has special significance for America's nearly 30 million nonreligious people. Inrepparttar 127598 humanist community, Feb. 12 is "Darwin Day."

"Darwin has become an all-purpose icon for humanists, who champion reason and science while rejecting superstition and dogma," said Matt Cherry, executive director ofrepparttar 127599 Institute for Humanist Studies in Albany, N.Y. "Darwin isrepparttar 127600 definitive rebuff to fundamentalism."

In 2004, a Gallup poll found that only one-third of Americans believe Darwin's 19th century theory of evolution is a credible scientific theory. The same poll found that 45 percent of Americans believe God created humans in their present form roughly 10,000 years ago.

Massimo Pigliucci, Ph.D., a professor of evolutionary biology at SUNY-Stony Brook and author ofrepparttar 127601 Web column "Rationally Speaking", is shocked by how few Americans have a basic understanding of evolutionary biology andrepparttar 127602 nature of science in general.

"If people had a better understanding of both we wouldn't be embarrassed in front ofrepparttar 127603 rest ofrepparttar 127604 world by cases such asrepparttar 127605 one currently going on in Dover, Pa., where administrators are walking around local classrooms talking about 'intelligent design' and other nonsense," he said.

Pigliucci's course on "Evolution, Creationism andrepparttar 127606 Nature of Science" is available atrepparttar 127607 Continuum of Humanist Education,repparttar 127608 online school ofrepparttar 127609 Institute for Humanist Studies.

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