Epic Treadmills – Good Value Or Not?

Written by Peter Clark

Epic treadmills are well known inrepparttar treadmill market for their budget range of treadmills. Epic treadmills are one ofrepparttar 144679 lines of treadmills manufactured by Icon fitness,repparttar 144680 largest of allrepparttar 144681 fitness equipment manufacturers andrepparttar 144682 company which manufactures, amongst others, Proform treadmills.

Icon has over $1 billion of sales of fitness equipment worldwide so is a substantial manufacturer. It manufactures reasonable quality machines forrepparttar 144683 lower end ofrepparttar 144684 market but doesn’t compete withrepparttar 144685 much more expensive brands atrepparttar 144686 upper end.

Epic treadmills are sold by Costco,repparttar 144687 discount gym equipment retailer (amongst others) so you should expect low prices.

The most well known of allrepparttar 144688 epic treadmills isrepparttar 144689 epic t60 treadmill. In fact this treadmill is reallyrepparttar 144690 only model amongstrepparttar 144691 epic treadmill range that is well recognised.

One ofrepparttar 144692 reasons for this is thatrepparttar 144693 epic t 60 treadmill is well rated by some ofrepparttar 144694 nets treadmills rating sites as a good value buy. Andrepparttar 144695 epic t 60 is therefore a good seller.

The treadmill doctor ratedrepparttar 144696 epic t60 a “best buy” inrepparttar 144697 price range $500 to $1000, however noted some deficiencies inrepparttar 144698 treadmill nonerepparttar 144699 less. In particular they noted problems withrepparttar 144700 keypad andrepparttar 144701 rollers, but you’re not going to getrepparttar 144702 perfect treadmill for under $1000.

The epic t60 has a powerful motor. It has a good cushioned running platform and can accommodate runners up to 350 lbs. It has an impressive range of user features including iFit technology, an interactive feature that Icon put on their Proform treadmills as well.

With iFit your workout becomes more interesting. Hook up torepparttar 144703 internet and track your fitness and progress. iFit will devise a personal workout program for you, so that each time you set foot on your treadmill, you will have a new goal to reach, and a personal best to beat. Competing with yourself is a great way to increaserepparttar 144704 challenge.

Used Treadmills, An Alternative For The Budget Conscious

Written by Peter Clark

Inrepparttar market for a treadmill? Finding that they are a little more expensive than you thought, at least to getrepparttar 144678 ones withrepparttar 144679 features you want? Used treadmills may well be what you need. Used treadmills are big business, and growing fast.

First, I hear you ask, why should I buy a treadmill at all, let alone a used treadmill?

Treadmills arerepparttar 144680 most popular of allrepparttar 144681 fitness equipment in use inrepparttar 144682 US today. The National Sporting Goods Association estimates that treadmill sales last year topped $750 million. That’s big business. It is estimated that around 8% to 9% ofrepparttar 144683 population own a treadmill. You dorepparttar 144684 math, but to me that’s around 20 million people. That’s a lot of treadmills that have been bought, and a lot of treadmills which may soon become used treadmills for sale.

Why is exercising on a treadmill so popular? A couple of reasons. The first is that exercising on a treadmill is done indoors. No rain, hail or snow to contend with. No muggers. No-one to poke fun at your running shoes that aren’t quiterepparttar 144685 latest fashion, or that tummy that you are trying so hard to get rid of. Treadmills mean that you can do your exercise anonymously.

Single mum? Pregnant? No matter. Do your exercise whilerepparttar 144686 kids watch tv. No need to find a baby sitter each day so you can go for a run. How about being able to cookrepparttar 144687 dinner while you do a little treadmill walking. It can all be combined.

And treadmills offer a whole world of workouts. Gone arerepparttar 144688 days when you just walked, or ran. Now you can select from any one of a host of different workouts. Simulate all sorts of outdoor conditions such as undulating hills, varying workout speeds and more. You can have an interactive workout by connecting to various programs onrepparttar 144689 internet which track your performance, devise training regimes for you, and more. Or even interact with a personal trainer fromrepparttar 144690 comfort of your own home.

But that isn’t unique only to treadmills, there are other indoor exercisers, such as stationary bicycles. And it certainly is true that stationary bicycles are popular too. However treadmills offerrepparttar 144691 best workout for your buck.

But according to a study done byrepparttar 144692 Medical College of Wisconsin andrepparttar 144693 VA Medical Center in Milwaukee a treadmill burns more calories than a similar workout on a stair machine, a stationary bike or a rowing machine overrepparttar 144694 same time. Surprisingly it also burns more calories than a cross country skiing machine. As cross country skiing is often touted asrepparttar 144695 ideal workout this says heaps about a treadmill workout.

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