Ephedra Is BACK: But Is It Safe?

Written by Amy S. Grant

It’s been calledrepparttar world’s oldest medicine,repparttar 140257 miracle fat burner, and is known in some parts ofrepparttar 140258 U.S. as “Mormon tea.” Ephedra (also called Ma-huang or epitonin) has been used for its healing powers for more than 5000 years byrepparttar 140259 Chinese, who discoveredrepparttar 140260 plant’s healing properties. So why was it banned byrepparttar 140261 U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2004, and more importantly, why wasrepparttar 140262 ban recently lifted?

What is Ephedra?

Ephedra grows all overrepparttar 140263 world, and inrepparttar 140264 Western United States, this flowering shrub can be found in deserts and sagebrush areas. The plant can be ground into powder for capsules, or dried and used in tea. Ephedrine isrepparttar 140265 “active” ingredient in ephedra, responsible for its healing properties. Ephedrine is a nerve stimulant similar to adrenaline, but not as strong as amphetamine.

What Does It Do?

Dieters have long knownrepparttar 140266 powerful effects of ephedra in promoting weight loss. Basically, ephedrine creates a thermogenic response, speeding up metabolism and expeditingrepparttar 140267 body’s fat burning rate while preserving muscle. Ephedra has proved to be particularly effective for people with a slow metabolism, who have previously had trouble losing weight.

Additionally, ephedrine can be used to treat bronchial asthma and cough by relaxingrepparttar 140268 air passages inrepparttar 140269 lungs. For this same reason,repparttar 140270 plant is helpful in treatingrepparttar 140271 effects allergies and hay fever. Ephedra can assist in fighting a minor cold by causing perspiration and urination (to relieve swelling and fluid retention). Alternative uses for ephedra include treating muscle and joint conditions such as bursitis, arthritis, and rheumatism. A synthetic (man-made) replacement, called pseudoephedrine, was created and is widely used in common over-the-counter medications such as Sudafed.

Whyrepparttar 140272 Ban?

Possible side effects of ephedrine include insomnia, dry mouth, nervousness, general weakness, poor digestion, irritability, headache, dizziness, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and heart palpitations. Not surprisingly, this list is markedly similar to over-the-counter medications withrepparttar 140273 active ingredient pseudoephedrine.

The Dirty Little Diet Secret

Written by Amy Grant

Have you ever wondered how actors stay in such great shape? You know they couldn’t starve themselves allrepparttar time, because you can see their weight fluctuate from movie to movie, depending onrepparttar 140236 role they’re playing. The fact is Hollywood’s slim and slender are hiding a dark secret from you, their adoring fan.

Why would these movie stars hide such an effective and powerful weight loss secret? Why not sign contracts for endorsements and make even more money while gaining more publicity? Why not share this information withrepparttar 140237 general public and put an end to obesity and weight-related diseases in America? Don’t they care enough about their faithful fans to share this secret?

These celebrities have their reasons. Think about it: what is a movie star’s most valuable asset? You might say “talent” but I disagree because some actors and actresses are successful with only a minimal amount of skill (have you turned on a television lately?) You might be thinking it’s their looks or physical appearance. I would argue that’s not it either, because some successful actors and actresses are able to maintain their popularity long after their physical beauty begins to fade.

An actor’s most valuable asset is their REPUTATION. See, reputation is a combination of popularity, looks, news andrepparttar 140238 star’s ability to entertain. Some stars maintain a scandalous reputation because it gets them more press. Some stars actually provide entertainment through their negative press. Forrepparttar 140239 most part, your favorite actors and actresses try to protect themselves from bad press.

What does this have to do withrepparttar 140240 hidden weight loss secret?

Since they don’t want bad press, and since part of their job is to look good, who in their right mind would be willing to have their “before” photos splashed onrepparttar 140241 cover ofrepparttar 140242 Enquirer orrepparttar 140243 National Star? Hollywood does not want you to know what they look like when they’re not at their best.

Have you ever noticed that when an actress is between movies, we don’t see very much of her inrepparttar 140244 limelight? When movie stars are between projects, they typically pack on some additional pounds. It’s not so much that we wouldn’t recognize them, but enough to turn uprepparttar 140245 pressure when they’re trying to impress directors, producers and casting agents. Five to ten pounds could make or break a big role, or even a smaller role that could lead to a starring role.

So what’srepparttar 140246 dirty little Hollywood secret, and why hasn’trepparttar 140247 Enquirer uncovered it yet? We already know these stars have personal trainers, and in most cases, they follow strict nutritional plans. We know they exercise for several hours every day, since being in shape and looking great is a requirement forrepparttar 140248 job. But what else are they hiding?

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