Environmentally-Friendly "Earth Homes"

Written by Lady Camelot

Environmentally-Friendly "Earth Homes" by Lady Camelot

What are "Earth Homes?" Earth homes are houses that are basically constructed fromrepparttar earth. Some earth homes are built from adobe, mud, straw or even underground as an earth-sheltered home. Environmentally friendly, earth homes are easy to warm and cool and extremely energy efficient.

Adobe Earth homes are houses constructed from bricks comprised of tightly compacted earth, clay and straw. Adobe earth homes can be naturally waterproofed by using fermented cactus juice!

Earth sheltered earth homes are housesrepparttar 110116 are constructed underground - or at least mostly beneathrepparttar 110117 ground surface. Surrounding soil is a superp and nautral insulation which makes these homes cheap to heat and cool. Usually installed in a well-drained hillside, earth sheltered homes have a skylight window that can fillrepparttar 110118 home with natural sunlight. Although costs may run a bit higher than conventional home construction, earth sheltered homes are a good, long-term investment as lowered maintenance and energy savings make uprepparttar 110119 difference.

Straw Bale earth homes are making a comeback as well. Straw bale earth homes are obviously constructed of straw and grass, are energy efficient, and can cut material building costs by as much as fifty percent.

Earth homes, such as Cob Houses are built from clay-type lumps of soil, sand and straw. Similar torepparttar 110120 adobe homes, except cob earth homes do not use bricks or blocks. Cob homes have walls that are sculpted into smooth forms. Again, very energy efficient, cob homes are well-suited forrepparttar 110121 very cold climates and deserts.

The Simple Truth

Written by Wayne Lowe

What fills your car? Petrol. What fills your fax machine? Paper. Who fillsrepparttar third planet fromrepparttar 110115 sun? We do, meaning us!

Your probably wondering what im going on about arenít you? Iíve got a question I want to ask you. What would you do to protect something that looks after you? If you were lying in a hospital bed, and a machine was keeping you alive, youíd want to look after it, wouldnít you? Cause it keeps you alive. What would you say about this planet? It is keeping you alive, so why arenít you trying to protect it?

There are simple ways to do it. Fair enough, using public transport, or recycling paper. But is your business doing it enough. Does every bit of paper that is used and thrown away recycled?

There are lots of Charities, trying to make a difference to our world. They want to see oceans cleaner, plants greener, and animals happier. Scientists come up with mathematical equations stating, we need to stop pollution otherwise our atmosphere will be destroyed.

Think about it, take a large water bomb, filled with water, stick needles into it, draw outrepparttar 110116 water, its mass will diminish. Then when itís all gone it will be useless. This will berepparttar 110117 same as earth. Whatís worse, having more pollution blasted out from machines, our atmosphere will become weaker. Our o-zone layer shields us fromrepparttar 110118 hot radiation that waits to vaporise earth. Oncerepparttar 110119 o-zone layer is broken, itís almost impossible to re-pair, once those rays penetrate our world, things will get worse. Water will vaporise, leaving us with no water, plants will die and animals, then us!

What is going through your mind right now? Do you feel enough urgency to start having a new look on life or are you just going to sit back and forget. It took one women/man to sail aroundrepparttar 110120 world, so millions of people taking notice of there environment can stop horrible changes from happening.

Start using energy saving light bulbs. Switch energy suppliers. There are companies that use natural power, such as wind to power houses acrossrepparttar 110121 UK, such as Ecotricity. Be sensible on how you use your car, conserve water.

Everyone has read articles on protectingrepparttar 110122 environment, one thing which we have to think about is our natural resources. One day weíll zap all our oil fromrepparttar 110123 planet and oil is formulated into petrol. One day you may have an accident in your home, you callrepparttar 110124 ambulance, youíre injured that you need someone to come get you. Wait, what would happen then?, becauserepparttar 110125 ambulance would need petrol, therefore canít come get you, you may die! You might say we could use solar power, then what happened if you had it inrepparttar 110126 night, you might say use a battery that gets charged and saves power. But as your thinking of this, arenít you wondering why youíre thinking this way? Well itís because you know that it would come torepparttar 110127 point where we would have to use solar power to power our vehicles.

If we keep on drilling and sucking outrepparttar 110128 minerals fromrepparttar 110129 earth, weíll have nothing left to survive on, if we polluterepparttar 110130 air,repparttar 110131 o-zone will crack and disappear and we will slowly die. It takes simple steps in our everyday life that can start making an impact on helping this planet to stay alive. We need blood in our bodies to stay alive, if we loose a lot of blood we die. Itísrepparttar 110132 same with our planet, I keep saying our planet, cause itís not my planet or your planet, its everyoneís planet, and everyoneís responsibility. So ifrepparttar 110133 planet looses all of its minerals and oils it will die.

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