Environmental 'Quackery'

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


Our modern preservatives and other pollutants like yellow dye no. 5 have caused bodily responses which detract or impairrepparttar natural process of our system. It is a serious issue that science may argue about while we all suffer major impacts. One ofrepparttar 146365 hardest things to measure or gauge isrepparttar 146366 impact onrepparttar 146367 soul and brain through hormonal and thalami responses which we touched upon inrepparttar 146368 Third Eye/Thalami research. Some competent doctors claim a correlation with mental illnesses asrepparttar 146369 histamines generated to respond to foreign agents cause inflammations in body tissues. Does this chemical interplay betweenrepparttar 146370 body andrepparttar 146371 environment affect all of our 'temple' inrepparttar 146372 physical body? We think it does and we are concerned about genetic transference and mutational activity as well.

"In 'Allergic torepparttar 146373 Twentieth Century', popular science-writer Peter Radetsky investigatesrepparttar 146374 shocking increase in illnesses caused by our chemically saturated environment: *An estimated 37.5 million {U.S.} people experience physical reactions to new paint, detergents" perfumes, and myriad other common products *More than 100,000 veterans have registered as sufferers of Gulf War syndrome *Untold thousands suffer from sick building syndrome *And severe cases of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) - a debilitating disease that makes living with almost any chemical product an impossibility - are onrepparttar 146375 rise


Written by Stan Popovich

What do you do when your fears and depression are stronger than what you can handle? There are times that no matter what you do, your fears haverepparttar best of you. Here is a list of techniques and suggestions on what to do when this happens.

The first step is to learn to take it one day at a time. Instead of worrying about how you will get throughrepparttar 146364 rest ofrepparttar 146365 week, try to focus on today. Each day can provide us with different opportunities to learn new things and that includes learning how to deal with your problems. You never know whenrepparttar 146366 answers you are looking for will come to your doorstep. We may be ninety-nine percent correct in predictingrepparttar 146367 future, but all it takes is for that one percent to make a world of difference.

When a person is feeling depressed, he or she should take a few minutes to write down all ofrepparttar 146368 things that he is thankful for in his life. This list could include past accomplishments and allrepparttar 146369 things that that they take for granted. The next time you feel depressed, review your list and think aboutrepparttar 146370 good things that you have in your life.

Remember that there is one power that is stronger than your fears and depression and that isrepparttar 146371 power of God. A person does not have to be religious to userepparttar 146372 power of God. Whenrepparttar 146373 going gets tough, talk to God about your problems as if you were talking to a friend. Reviewrepparttar 146374 Bible and pray hard. Be persistent and be open inrepparttar 146375 avenues that God may provide to you in solving your problem. It is not always easy, however God is in control and he will help you if you ask him.

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