Entrepreneurship and Workaholism - Part II

Written by Sam Vaknin

This is part of a much larger wave of in-house corporate innovation dubbed "intrapreneurship". The most famous example is "Post-It" which was developed, in-house, by a 3M employee and funded byrepparttar company. But all major and medium American firms encourage institutionalized intrapreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are often associated with another American phenomenon -repparttar 132293 workaholic. Bryan Robinson in his 1998 tome, "Chained torepparttar 132294 Desk", identifies four types of workaholism (or "work addiction"):

The Bulimic Workaholic Style - "Either I do it perfectly or not at all"; The Relentless Workaholic Style - "It has to be finished yesterday"; Attention-Deficit Workaholic Style - adrenaline junkies who use work as a focusing device; Savouring Workaholic Style - slow, methodical, and overly scrupulous workers. Workaholism is confused by most Americans with "hard work", a pillar ofrepparttar 132295 Protestant work ethic, by now an American ethos. Employers demand long work hours from their employees. Dedication to one's work results in higher financial rewards and faster promotion. Technology fosters a "work everywhere, work anytime" environment.

Even beforerepparttar 132296 introduction ofrepparttar 132297 35 hours week in France, Americans worked 5 weekly hours more thanrepparttar 132298 French, according to a 1998 study byrepparttar 132299 Families and Work Institute. Americans also out-workedrepparttar 132300 industrious Germans by 4 hours andrepparttar 132301 British by 1 hour. The average American work week has increased by 10% (to 44 weekly hours) between 1977-98.

One third of all American bring work home, yet another increase of 10% overrepparttar 132302 same period. According torepparttar 132303 Economic Policy Institute, Germans (and Italians) took 42 days of vacation a year in 1998 - compared to 19 days taken by Americans. This figure may have since deteriorated to 13 annual vacation days. Evenrepparttar 132304 Japanese take 25 days a year.

In a survey conducted by Oxford Health Plans, 34 percent of all respondents described their jobs as "pressing and with no downtime". Thirty two percent never leftrepparttar 132305 building duringrepparttar 132306 working day and had lunch at their desk. Management promotes only people who work late, believed a full one seventh.

Most Europeans - withrepparttar 132307 notable exception ofrepparttar 132308 British - regard their leisure and vacation times as well as time dedicated to family and friends as important components in a balanced life - no less important thanrepparttar 132309 time they spend at work. They keep these realms strictly demarcated.

Work addiction is gradually encroaching onrepparttar 132310 European work scene as well. But many Europeans still find American - and, increasingly British - obsession with work to be a distasteful part ofrepparttar 132311 much derided "Anglo-Saxon" model of capitalism. They point atrepparttar 132312 severe health problems suffered by workaholics - three times as many heart failures as their non-addicted peers.

Sexual Networking in the Fish Bowl

Written by Advice Diva

Most of us belong to a large circle of friends that we have known for years. Few of us have more than two circles of friends. You know what I am talking about. These arerepparttar girl and guy friends that you hang out every weekend with. You know everything that is going on in each other’s life, you are there for each other and it seems like you will always be together. We arerepparttar 132291 generation that made St. Elmo’s Fire a cult classic. But why do we limit ourselves to dating within our own circle of friends? Once you have been in that same circle of friends for a number of yearsrepparttar 132292 act of dating within your group can actually elevate itself torepparttar 132293 “creepy” stage and begin to resemble incest instead of dating. A have a number of girlfriends that seem to continuously date every single guy in our group, jumping from one torepparttar 132294 other as if it were a taste test. This behavior is not limited torepparttar 132295 females only; my male friends enjoyrepparttar 132296 same sort of lifestyle. Myself and few others excluded, I think every one of my friends have hooked up with each other at some point in time. For example, I have a girlfriend who is sexually active with three different guy friends. She really likes one of them but he is just interested inrepparttar 132297 sex. Unbeknownst to her, he is really into another girlfriend who isrepparttar 132298 her best friend and neither one of them know about it. Meanwhilerepparttar 132299 girl he really digs is into and involved with another guy friend who is his good friend. And it goes on and on from there. Although we are all good friends, it has become a complex tangle of sexual and emotional deceit. Casual sex can be such a pleasure. It is fabulous to have someone you can call at 2am or even on your lunch hour when you need immediate gratification. But if we are single, why do we continue to find our booty calls within our own troupe? I thinkrepparttar 132300 answer has to do with a certain comfort level we experience when we knowrepparttar 132301 person for years on end.

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