Entrepreneur Success Stories

Written by John Evans

Everyone interested in starting their own business dreams of joining other with phenomenal entrepreneur success stories. Individuals that bridgerepparttar gap between those who start their own business and those who succeed are an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. Regardless your particular business, there is a success story out there to inspire you to strive for success at all times. Additionally, you may one day wish to join these fabled individuals as a model entrepreneur and have your own success story written.

Two individuals withrepparttar 144691 most written articles about young entrepreneurs are Larry Page and Sergei Brin,repparttar 144692 founders of famed search engine Google.com. Both men have reached a phenomenal status and make a hefty salary each year. Furthermore, both men are in their early 30s but reached success in their late 20s. After Google.com went public, Page and Brin’s brainchild skyrocketed. As today’s most popular search engine and one ofrepparttar 144693 most frequently visited websites onrepparttar 144694 World Wide Web, Google.com’s success story is one ofrepparttar 144695 epic ones inrepparttar 144696 brief history ofrepparttar 144697 internet.

Another famed entrepreneur is eBay mastermind Pierre Omidyar. Developingrepparttar 144698 auction mecca for individuals seeking anything underrepparttar 144699 sun for a friend in search of Pez dispensers, Omidyar launched eBay in 1995 to a great deal of fanfare. Takingrepparttar 144700 second slot in Fortune magazine’s “40 Richest under 40” list, Omidyar’s success story findsrepparttar 144701 young mastermind in his mid 30s and his net worth inrepparttar 144702 billions of dollars. Crediting his Tufts University education and a phenomenal spirit, Omidyar is a young entrepreneur to look up to.

Michelle Donahue-Arpas may not haverepparttar 144703 name recognition of Page, Brin, or Omidyar, but her success story is just as impressive. As a stay-at-home mom, Donahue-Arpas took her love of children and her first-hand experience and started a business. Her entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity overcame money shortages and limitations in experience as she started Geniusbabies.com, an online boutique selling a variety of quality baby products. Donahue-Arpas decided to leave her employment as a social worker uponrepparttar 144704 birth of her daughter, but still wanted to bring in an income for her family. The business began on repparttar 144705 idea of providing stimulation items designed especially for pre-natals and infants. Buildingrepparttar 144706 business proved to be a huge commitment, but Donahue-Arpas has battledrepparttar 144707 banks andrepparttar 144708 manufacturing companies and has experienced a great deal of success.

Web Conferencing Tool - Reduce Your Communication Costs

Written by Diane Parker

For most people in business, meetings are a necessary evil. Stop for a moment and consider how much hosting or attending meetings cost your business and you may be in for a surprise; precious time spent traveling to and fromrepparttar meeting location, travel expenses, and in some casesrepparttar 144579 hire ofrepparttar 144580 meeting facility. Now imagine you could attend that meeting without having to leave your office or home. How much time and money would save over a week, a month or a year? It soon adds up.

The cost savings associated with web conferencing are well documented. Less time and money are spent on traveling, there is no need to hire meeting facilities and staff can focus on doing their jobs well instead of scheduling meetings.

Save On Traveling Expenses

Travel does not come cheap. Whether it's national or international or by air, land or sea there will always be a cost implication for your business; air tickets, parking tolls, hotel accommodation - all these costs will affect your bottom line.

Web conferencing reducesrepparttar 144581 need for travel. Face to face meetings can be conducted viarepparttar 144582 web, from multiple geographic locations. Airport delays, flight cancellations, traffic jams onrepparttar 144583 freeway - all these irritations are not only affecting your blood pressure but are costing your company money, too. All that time wasted while you wait for your flight to be called orrepparttar 144584 jam to clear is money downrepparttar 144585 drain. Web conferencing cuts out not justrepparttar 144586 frustrations but alsorepparttar 144587 financial price of wasting time.

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