Enjoy Weight Loss This Holiday

Written by Chris Read

Holiday seasons are here again. This is your coveted time to forget about allrepparttar sorrows and rejoice with family and friends. Unfortunately, we do a little bit of celebrating during this time of year and add up extra baggage whenrepparttar 137628 New Year appears. We unknowingly indulge in extra helpings, snacking on seasonal treats during celebrations. Hardly do we pay attention to our daily workout plan. This all contributes to increase in dieters in January.

Let us resolve this holiday season to buckrepparttar 137629 trends and avoidrepparttar 137630 Seasonal Seven (the average weight most of us will gain between Thanksgiving andrepparttar 137631 New Year). Yes this isrepparttar 137632 fact and you must not want to participate in this trend.

Forget about additional stresses and challenges this year may bring, still there are ways to find balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It may be hard at times to foregorepparttar 137633 insatiable urge to devourrepparttar 137634 season's traditional foods. But don’t forget that there are many ways to enjoyrepparttar 137635 fun without increasing your pant size. It doesn’t mean that you should starve yourself on a crash course diet but you can enjoyrepparttar 137636 festivities and maintain your weight as well.

Moderation isrepparttar 137637 word ofrepparttar 137638 season. It'srepparttar 137639 secret to achieving a fun but also healthy holiday time. Try to use this mantra both to what you eat (or don't eat) and how much exercise you do (or don't do). This will help you avoid packing on extra weight AND also partake in allrepparttar 137640 fun of this time of year. So kick start this season on a determined note onrepparttar 137641 New Year instead of starting January with extra pounds to lose.

Here are some tips to help you during those hectic holiday weeks:

•Plan ahead. Create a plan for incorporating fitness and good nutrition ahead of holidays sneak peek. Define you daily routine. Evaluate your vacation period and try to come out with realistic time line you can devote on working out daily. •In your work environment, simply rejectrepparttar 137642 gracious treats offered to you by your co-workers. Stick to your healthy snacks prepared at your home. Eat moderately and don’t guzzle on others snacks tempting you from nearing desk.

•Never wait untilrepparttar 137643 New Year for you fitness goals to begin. Keep finding time and dedicate few hours on exercise as often during this time period as well. Adjust you other schedules appropriately. There can be lots of excuses for procrastinating your workout time. But it will ultimately harm you as you will be left in nowhere findingrepparttar 137644 right time to begin your daily exercise. Remember, tomorrow never comes! Utilize even few hours of your daily hectic schedule to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Low GI Diet Or Low Carb Diet – Which One Is Best?

Written by Lee Dobbins

These days, most everyone has heard of low carb diets such asrepparttar South Beach and Atkins diet butrepparttar 137627 GI or glycemic index diet is a fairly new name onrepparttar 137628 diet scene. While low carb diets restrictrepparttar 137629 quantity of carbohydrates,repparttar 137630 GI diet focuses onrepparttar 137631 quality of carbohydrates. It works by promotingrepparttar 137632 consumption of foods that are low onrepparttar 137633 glycemic index, foods which will have a gently effect on your blood sugar levels and keep you full longer.

A typical low carb diet, has a restrictive phase inrepparttar 137634 beginning where your carbohydrate intake is severely limited. You can eat allrepparttar 137635 meat you want and fats are also unlimited, althoughrepparttar 137636 South Beach Diet does encourage you to stick to low fat meats and healthy fats. Asrepparttar 137637 diet progresses, you can gradually add in more carbohydrates, typically those with a low glycemic index are also those that are lower in carbs.

Although a low GI diet might be new to you, it has actually been around sincerepparttar 137638 1970’s and is used in many European countries to help manage diabetes. Recently, however, this way of eating has gotten a lot of attention as a healthy way to control weight. This diet focuses on carbohydrates – “good carbs” have a low glycemic index and you should eat plenty of them (incidentally, these are alsorepparttar 137639 foods that we know to be good for us like fruits, vegetables and whole grains). “Bad carbs” have a high glycemic index and should be eaten in moderation and mixed withrepparttar 137640 low glycemic index carbs to lowerrepparttar 137641 overall GI of a meal. Since this diet focuses only on carbs it is very easy for vegetarians to adopt this way of eating.

In comparison, a low carb diet can be limiting in fruits and vegetables which are high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes as well as fiber. Many people associate low carb diets with a license to eat as much saturated fat as you want, but that choice is up torepparttar 137642 individual so we really can’t faultrepparttar 137643 diet for this misconception. A low GI diet is full of fruits, vegetables, fiber and low in fat but emphasisrepparttar 137644 good fats found in nuts. It encourages eating lean meats in moderation.

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