Engines and Spiders and Surfers, Oh My!

Written by Aimee Cremasco

(Why search engine optimization is alive, well, and kicking – and as crucial as ever torepparttar success and profitability of your business)

By Aimee Cremasco, President, Word Associates

“If you build it, they will come…”

“If you build it, they will come…”

While this is a great line from one of my all time favorite movies, “Field of Dreams,” it is frighteningly also a principle that far too many web site owners inexplicably live by.

Let’s face it. Inrepparttar 128012 world of online marketing, “building it” means nothing. The new mantra must be “If you PROMOTE it, they will come.”

So what’srepparttar 128013 best way to promote it?

Virtually all credible third party statistics would suggest search engine optimization.

Considerrepparttar 128014 following statistics, courtesy of www.GuaranteedTopRankings.com:

·In a study released by ActivMedia Research, Search Engine Positioning was rankedrepparttar 128015 #1 web site promotional method used by eCommerce sites.

·Search engines create more awareness about Web sites than all advertising combined including banners, newspapers, TV and radio (IMT Strategies, a division ofrepparttar 128016 Meta Group). The cold, hard truth is that if you’re not successfully optimizing your site (and if it’s not search engine friendly), you’re losing hundreds and thousands of hits fromrepparttar 128017 very people you most want to visit your site – people who demonstrate a serious desire for what you have to offer, by proactively typing keywords related to YOUR business intorepparttar 128018 engines. So what SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are working and producing results in 2003? While an entire book is probably needed to fully answer this question, here are a few useful components of search engine friendly sites:

·Less is more—avoid using frames, java script and database-driven text. ·Professional copywriting ·Keyword-rich text (in your tags as well) will make or break your site.

Simply put, here’s what search engines do. They have “robots” that scourrepparttar 128019 Internet and gather up standard keywords, titles and descriptions. This knowledge is a powerful tool for webmasters, giving them some control over how their pages are ranked, which in turn determines how they appear inrepparttar 128020 search results.

We can't stress enough that content is king! The single most important aspect of your web site is how and where you've placed keywords and phrases — and which keywords you've chosen for your keyword tag. Think about what your prospects would type into a search box of an engine to find you. Those should be your keywords. The description tag follows closely onrepparttar 128021 heels of keywords, as it helps engines determine ifrepparttar 128022 site is relevant torepparttar 128023 search.

Sitemaps and Hypertext Links: "Food" for Search Engine Robots

Written by Daria Goetsch

Sitemaps and hypertext links are "food" for search engine robots. We will look atrepparttar value of text links for optimal spidering, andrepparttar 128011 importance of using a sitemap in order to help search engine robots reach your website's deeper pages.

Hypertext Links Search engine robots are not terribly sophisticated. They cannot click a button, submit a form, pull down a menu, or perform any other type of online "user interaction" that might be used by a human visitor. Robots are able to indexrepparttar 128012 text on a page and click through hypertext links. For this reason, adding navigational text links to your web pages (often located atrepparttar 128013 bottom ofrepparttar 128014 page) providesrepparttar 128015 search engine robots with another means to click throughrepparttar 128016 links of your web pages when it cannot access these other types of navigation.

No matter how great your JavaScript menu system is,repparttar 128017 search engine robots cannot use it. They can follow "plain old" hyperlinks, and that's about it. Sincerepparttar 128018 ability to move around on your site is vital torepparttar 128019 robots' successful indexing of your content, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to visit all of your pages. Use of text links atrepparttar 128020 bottom of your pages, while hardly cutting-edge, is one ofrepparttar 128021 best ways to make sure thatrepparttar 128022 search engine robots can move around on your site. Be sure to include links to your site's principal pages on allrepparttar 128023 pages in your site. Always remember to put a link to your sitemap page here too.

Sitemaps A sitemap page is a supercharged version ofrepparttar 128024 bottom-of-the-page hypertext links. The sitemap provides "food" for a hungry search engine robot. A sitemap page will at very least have links to all ofrepparttar 128025 major pages on your site. Depending onrepparttar 128026 size of your site, it may actually link to all of your pages. This means that oncerepparttar 128027 robot gets torepparttar 128028 sitemap page, it can visit every page on your entire site. Having all ofrepparttar 128029 content of your site included inrepparttar 128030 search engine database is a good thing: you are much more likely to come-up inrepparttar 128031 search engine results when somebody is performing a search related to your topic.

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