Engaging in the Moment for More Effective Living.

Written by Adam Eason

I spend lots of time working with individuals, corporations and businesses to get them engaged inrepparttar present moment. The reasons I think this is important in business as well as personally are drawn upon towardrepparttar 149550 end of this article.

My centre here in Bournemouth used to sell a wide range of books and one that I used to stock was a book called "The Power of Now" by a guy called Eckhart Tolle. Lots of people that came to classes, workshops and consultations atrepparttar 149551 centre would often tell me how great it was and give me snippets of information about its content and for a number of years I would occasionally think “Yeah, I really should read that book” then kept on deciding that I would wait until later (yes, I am fully aware ofrepparttar 149552 irony in this!) Nevertheless, I am already sold onrepparttar 149553 power ofrepparttar 149554 present moment, for a number of reasons:

My First reason - Only this present moment exists.

I think this is by farrepparttar 149555 most compelling reason to put your attention onrepparttar 149556 present moment. Yesterday doesn’t exist, except as a memory, with allrepparttar 149557 unreliability we know to be true of memories; when you experienced yesterday, it was n-o-w. Tomorrow doesn’t exist either, except as an imaginary construct; when you experience tomorrow, it will be n-o-w. And as it’s all that exists, it’s a good idea to experience it, so, have a go at doingrepparttar 149558 following…

1) Sit with your feet flat onrepparttar 149559 floor, in a comfortable, aligned position (spine straight, hands on your thighs or at your sides, breathing comfortably.) With your eyes open or closed, allow yourself to become aware ofrepparttar 149560 different sounds, sights, smells & sensations around you. This isrepparttar 149561 present moment.

That's right. This isrepparttar 149562 present moment, & there are a number of good reasons for keeping your awareness inrepparttar 149563 present as much as possible (in addition torepparttar 149564 first reason I gave.)

My Second Reason - There’s a whole lot more of it in store for you.

If you stop for a moment, you will realise that allrepparttar 149565 experiences of your life will take place in a present moment. The more comfortable you are withrepparttar 149566 present moment,repparttar 149567 more comfortable you’ll be with those future presents.

My Third Reason - The present is where you are.

If in doubt, look at your hands. Your hands only exist inrepparttar 149568 present moment. Rub your fingers together, feel how it feels to be in this moment. Because it’s where your hands (&repparttar 149569 rest of your body) are located, so…

My Fourth Reason - The present isrepparttar 149570 only time you can take action.

You can wish you took action yesterday (so many do; they ruerepparttar 149571 day that.....), but yesterday no longer exists, so it will remain a wish. You can plan to take action inrepparttar 149572 future, but when you takerepparttar 149573 action, it will be inrepparttar 149574 present moment. The only time you can take action is in this hot second.

My Fifth Reason - Wherever you’re headed, you presumably want to enjoy it when you get there. Get inrepparttar 149575 habit of enjoyingrepparttar 149576 present now & you’ll be even better at enjoying then when you get there.

I took some amazing insight from my running experiences with my younger brother. When we ran and trained together and competed in races, he always enjoyedrepparttar 149577 race and commented on our surroundings whereas I always had my eye onrepparttar 149578 finish line. So much can and has been said about enjoying and engaging inrepparttar 149579 journey rather than always focusing onrepparttar 149580 future. Have a go at this one too....

Positive Self Talk - What Is It?

Written by Steve Gillman

How do you explain things to yourself? With positive self talk or negative? What we say to ourselves radically affectsrepparttar quality of our lives, and our ability to do things effectively. How useful is it to always tell yourself "impossible," "more problems," "never," and "I can't?"

Below are some ofrepparttar 149549 things that positive and negative people say. Look atrepparttar 149550 difference, and start talking to yourself in constructive ways, if you don't already.

Negative Self Talk

When negative people explain bad things, they internalize them ("It's me again."), consider them permanent ("It's always this way."), and generalize ("Life sucks."). When they explain good things, they externalize them ("That's just lucky."), consider them temporary ("That went well TODAY."), and see them only in a specific context ("At least THIS went right.").

"I screwed up again."

"This good weather won't last."

"It's ALWAYS a mess when I meet someone new."

"This party is great, not like mine."

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