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Written by Ken Myrback

In an earlier article I spoke about energy. In this article I will go more in depth about energy and how it relates to reincarnation. First you have to understand that it isrepparttar nature of energy that it can be neither create nor destroyed. So, if we start withrepparttar 122351 assumption thatrepparttar 122352 soul is energy, which is not such a big leap, then it stands to reason that it can neither be created nor destroyed. There are some people that say, “Wait there are more people living now then have lived in all of history”. Yes that’s true, so they say if that’s true where did allrepparttar 122353 extra souls come from? There are several theories about this, but my personal belief is that they are souls from lower life forms and from other parts ofrepparttar 122354 universe. I know this is a difficult concept to wrap your brain around but bear with me. If you believe thatrepparttar 122355 universe is infinite and time and distance are illusions, which I spoke about in my Auras, Energy and Intuition article which if you have not read it yet it is available on our website, then its not much of a leap to understand how souls can move about inrepparttar 122356 universe as they go from lifetime to lifetime. You see our ultimate job as a soul is to learn and grow from our experiences. This particular planet is a fast track for soul development.

Auras, Energy and Intuition 1 of 3

Written by Ken Myrback CH

Overrepparttar years I have learned a great many things since enteringrepparttar 122350 holistic field. The biggest discovery was thatrepparttar 122351 more I learned,repparttar 122352 more questions I had. This is true for any field, but even more so in metaphysics. I have found that there is a great deal of confusion both in and out ofrepparttar 122353 metaphysical world about auras, energy and intuition. The first concept to understand is that quantum physics teaches that EVERYTHING is energy. Physicists postulate that only five to ten percent ofrepparttar 122354 entire universe is actually physical matter. The rest is all energy vibrating at differing frequencies, which causerepparttar 122355 different densities fromrepparttar 122356 thickest steel torepparttar 122357 air we breathe. Anything from your car, torepparttar 122358 tree out front, to you yourself are all made of energy. Now you must be thinking, wow ok I’m energy, but you are only taking into account your physical body. Yes your physical body is energy but there is more to it than that. Your energetic body extends beyondrepparttar 122359 physical body. This, in a nut shell, is your aura. Many people have been taught to extend or fluff out their auras as far as possible. This isrepparttar 122360 opposite of what should be done. Many people believe that their intuition is somehow connected to their aura. They believe they will be more intuitive if their aura is extended. Intuition and your aura are two different things. The aura is an energetically and magnetically based field that is an extension of our chakras. It can indicate our physical, mental and spiritual states. Looking at an aura can be similar to a medical doctor checking our ears, nose and throat for symptoms of infection. Intuition, however, comes fromrepparttar 122361 secretions ofrepparttar 122362 pineal gland located inrepparttar 122363 center ofrepparttar 122364 brain, betweenrepparttar 122365 eyebrows. Your aura should be kept as close to your skin as possible. Here is an example of why: A friend of mine used to live and work in Manhattan and he learned really quickly to keep his aura close to his skin. It took him awhile to realize what was happening, with his aura so fluffed out he was going through hundreds if not thousands of other people’s aura fields through out his day, in doing so he was picking up other peoples emotional, mental and spiritual stuff. He was getting halfway through his day and he felt like he had been running all day. Once he started pulling his aura close to his skin everyday he felt much better and had energy atrepparttar 122366 end ofrepparttar 122367 day. You see, not only will other peoples stuff stick to your aura there are some people who will drain your energy because they have so depleted their energy they have to get it from others to replenish themselves. That is why we teach our clients to connect to their version of divinity to replenish their energies. Whether that be, Gia, Universal Spirit,repparttar 122368 earth, God, Buddha, Et Al.

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