End of the Free Ride; Many Top Search Engines & Directories Switching to Pay Model

Written by Merle

Search engines are in a constant state of change. Just when you think you've gotrepparttar rules down, someone comes along and changes them. If you've been paying attention lately, you'll notice that many ofrepparttar 128197 top search engines and directories are now charging for website submissions. What was once totally free now could cost you $199.00. The submission price is not for a top position, it's simply for a listing inrepparttar 128198 index itself. Believe it or not, some of them will take your money, guaranteeing only that your site will be reviewed -- not listed.

Some ofrepparttar 128199 search engines and directories that were once independent have been bought out by other companies or borrow their search results from them to display on their own site. Keeping up with who owns what and who's charging for admission could drive you crazy. Come along with me forrepparttar 128200 latest updates inrepparttar 128201 insane world of search engines as I reviewrepparttar 128202 major players inrepparttar 128203 game today.

1) EXCITE: http://www.excite.com/info/add_url

Now partnered with LookSmart by submitting you'll also get listed with LookSmart's Network of partner sites such as Alta Vista, MSN, WebCrawler and Magellan.

Offers three levels of submission services. Express submit gives you a guaranteed review within two business days for $199.00.

Basic Submission is $99.00 but takes longer, with sites being reviewed in approximately eight weeks. Excite still offers a free service with no guarantee of a listing: Go to http://www.excite.com/info/add_url_form

2) ALTAVISTA: http://doc.altavista.com/addurl/

As one of LookSmart's partner sites, here you'll be presented withrepparttar 128204 same submission prices as at Excite. Prices are $199.00 or $99.00. They do allow you to submit your site for free with no guarantee of a listing. Go to http://www.altavista.com/cgi-bin/query?pg=addurl#form

3) HOTBOT: http://hotbot.lycos.com/addurl.asp

The link above will submit your site torepparttar 128205 Inktomi web page database which is HotBot's partner. Another way of getting listed here is to submit your site to "The Open Directory Project" which is our next stop. Submission is still free at this time.

4) THE OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECT: http://dmoz.org/add.html

A good reason to get listed here isrepparttar 128206 size and number of other search engines and directories that feed off its contents, such as AOL and Hotbot. Remember it's a directory and all submissions are reviewed by a human. When submitting, you need to findrepparttar 128207 appropriate category for your site and then clickrepparttar 128208 "add URL" atrepparttar 128209 top of that page. Submission is free.

Gaining Critical Incremental Benefits in Search Positioning

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Gaining top search positions for your chosen search words and phrases has become more and more competitive as search engine optimization firms use new, more effective techniques to place their large clients. The little guy needs every possible advantage to haverepparttar visibility necessary to bring search traffic. This is becoming more costly as new paid inclusion programs are launched by each ofrepparttar 128196 major search engines seeking to "monetize" free search.

In order to rank well at any search engine it has become critical to userepparttar 128197 basic techniques of appropriate content and page architecture to provide search spiders with indexing and ranking scorecards. We all know by now that metatags, including title, description and keyword tags as well as image alt text is important. Most of us know that using keywords liberally in body text and creating descriptive hypertext links within body copy is helpful. Most of us know also that using keywords in TEXT based page navigation links (not image links, such as buttons) increases ranking and improves your score at major search engines.

For a concise overview of this information for new webmasters, visit:


Suppose you are doing all ofrepparttar 128198 important items above and still need that extra little edge required to gain visibility inrepparttar 128199 engines? Here are a few techniques to tiprepparttar 128200 scales in your favor.

1. Gain link listings from large *Targeted* high traffic sites that are complementary to your business. Sometimes paid listings in these types of directories is well worthrepparttar 128201 cost of entry. One such directory would berepparttar 128202 small business section of Business.com, $199 will gain your company dramatic link relevancy increases in Google and it's search partners. Specialists should consider sites appropriate to their professional category such as Law and legal sites for paid directory listings. Try contactingrepparttar 128203 "guide" at About.com for a link from your subject category for an often over- looked and valuable link from a guide site at About.com. (It's Free)

http://www.business.com http://www.about.com

2. Consider programs such asrepparttar 128204 very new "Search Partner" program at FastSearch.com where they will not only offer a site "intrasearch" facility to allow your site visitors to search only your web site, but their spider recrawls your web site on a bi- monthly basis to be certain to index new information and assure fresh listings for sites that make frequent changes. This two-in- one program costs $149 yearly to start. Fast also partners withrepparttar 128205 Lycos Network and provides search results for several international engines as well.

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