End Winter Weight Gain With Healthy Snacking

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

It's that time of year we all start thinking about putting on a healthy layer of fat, just likerepparttar hibernating bears. From a nip inrepparttar 131360 air to a massive snow and ice storm, there is a palpable difference inrepparttar 131361 air. We've generally accepted that it is nature's way of helping us provide a little extra winter fat, storing up forrepparttar 131362 winter, just in case. But how long since you last had a food shortage or had to wait outrepparttar 131363 winter for your next meal?

This year can be different.

Today consider making one small change. When you make a small change, it is easier to handle, you are more likely to incorporate it into your daily life and you are more likely to succeed, than if you try to make a global change to your whole way of being.

Instead of taking something away, start by adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. Just for today, throw out your rules, if you typically follow a diet that forbids fruit or fresh vegetables because fresh foods are too important to miss. Fresh foods are sweet, satisfying and full of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, and other things that your body requires for optimum health.

Choose a few you particularly enjoy. This time of year apples are great, citrus fruits, bananas are available year-round. Get some fresh fruits you like and start carrying a food sack everywhere you go. Try little packages of baby carrots, or cut up cauliflower and broccoli. A fellow I know always has a bagful of chopped cauliflower, carrots, and others vegis he munches on. That's smart.

7 strategies to stop eating junk food !

Written by Jenny Mathers

FACT: Obesity accounts for 300,000 deaths a year inrepparttar U.S. alone.

Research into how junk food and fast food restaurants affect obesity, have found that there may be a relationship betweenrepparttar 131358 number of people per fast food restaurant and how many square miles there are between fast food restaurants located within your local area and obesity rates.

The way in which we eat, and what we eat, is of vital importance to our state of health. The convenience and habitual nature ofrepparttar 131359 problem mean that fast food consumption is so in-grained, that healthy eating is near impossible.

There are no easy ways to fix junk food habits and make them into healthy habits, but I do have 7 quick strategies that you can easily put into place to start into motion your new lifestyle without junk food. I recommend implementing these one at a time, to ensure that you don't overload and burn yourself out.

1. Do your shopping every week. Make it a regular habit to do your groceries every single week onrepparttar 131360 same day.

2. Make a shopping list onrepparttar 131361 computer with allrepparttar 131362 regular foods that you buy, to ensure that you aren't going to run out of food atrepparttar 131363 end ofrepparttar 131364 week, tempting you to reach forrepparttar 131365 fast food pamphlet, running out for take-away or buying unnecessary food items.

3. Don't starve yourself !!!!!!! Eat 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones, snacking on healthy foods such as a fat burning apple, protein packed, metabolism raising light salad with boiled eggs and flaxseed oil dressing.

4. Make food your hobby. Join a cookery class. There are often many community classes that you can enrol in inexpensively to learn how to prepare interesting food.

5. Unplugrepparttar 131366 TV atrepparttar 131367 point. You will be less likely to sit there and watch it aimlessly if you have to make a conscious effort to turn it on. Particularly around 6-8 pm,repparttar 131368 junk food restaurants will advertise, watch a DVD during these times. A recent review of childhood obesity research, has, not surprisingly found thatrepparttar 131369 amount of time you spend watching TV has a direct affect on being overweight.

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