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Protect your website with htmlblock.co.uk. Our software package gives yourepparttar highest in encryption and security levels for bothrepparttar 145195 business and home user.

Hide your source code by, encrypting HTML, PHP, ASP, XHTML, JSP, SHTML files. Protect your images and graphics on your site by adding anti-copy to your pages. Stop spam in your emails by usingrepparttar 145196 HTMLBlock anonymous email sender.

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Hi, I used HTML Block and I found itrepparttar 145197 easiest and best software for protecting my website unlike other more expensive products. I protected my whole site in less than 10 minutes. As I run a artwork website people can't steal my photos anymore which saves me my time and money and has given my business a professional look as I no longer have to use watermarks on my images.

Thank you, Thomas Cooke.

Best Website Security Software 2005 Award. HTML Block is packed full of incredible security features. If we were to recommend any website security product it would be HTML Block hands down for its flexibility and super strong encryption levels.

PC Software Awards UK.

What Is HTML Encryption?

HTML encryption is a method used to protect your website content and source code in JavaScript and Hex Code. Anyone can viewrepparttar 145198 source code of a webpage, but withrepparttar 145199 use of HTML Block it encrypts your source code into unreadable code. Which cannot be stolen, neither edited! Plus HTML Block you can protect other file extensions such as ASP, PHP, JSP, SHTML, and XHTML. If you have not got encrypted WebPages you are at a very high risk of your WebPages design and layout being stolen. Now many people say you can't protect your source code in anyway. Well there are wrong now, as a team of experts have developed a special plug-in which you install on your server which stop's other stealing your code, design and images, this amazing plug-in can only be found at HTML Block. So get your hands on a copy today.

Would you like to try out HTML Blocks encryption tool today. We now have a live online demo of our HTML encryption tool which will allow you to encrypt as many WebPages as you like for free. All you need is to be registered with HTML Block. If you are not registered you can register here free. What Is Website Security?

Surviving Website Identity Theft

Written by Greg Scowen

Every now and then you read about identity theft. I am not talking aboutrepparttar theft of you personal identity, sure that happens too, I am talking aboutrepparttar 145009 theft of a website’s identity. The big question is: What should you do if somebody with deeper pockets and more push creates a website similar to yours, stealing your limelight, and your hard earned visitors? Let me answer your question from my own experience.

Firstly, it is important to note thatrepparttar 145010 actions I took when one of my sites identities was stolen worked for me, but may not berepparttar 145011 best solution in your case. Please, always consult a professional for a second opinion before making ‘wallet bulge changing decisions!

In October 2004 a new tourism information website called ‘New Zealand Focus’ was launched and a reasonably sized effort was made to marketrepparttar 145012 new site online. The results were surprisingly good, and very quicklyrepparttar 145013 new site proved to be useful to New Zealand tourists and businesses inrepparttar 145014 New Zealand tourism industry alike. Within two short months visitor numbers had dramatically increased and over 300 businesses had registered in a free directory onrepparttar 145015 website. Many an hour was dedicated torepparttar 145016 development ofrepparttar 145017 site and translators were called in and started to translaterepparttar 145018 site into German to reach out to a secondary audience. The overwhelming success of New Zealand Focus led me do broaden my original idea and in early 2005 work was started onrepparttar 145019 development of an Australian Tourism Guide which would be a sister site torepparttar 145020 original. Intentions were to create a site for as many countries as possible… but then disaster struck.

A very powerful, influential, and deep-pocketed organization started making press-releases about their upcoming project. A huge centre was wo be developed in a major Asian city, promoting New Zealand products. The centre would be accompanied by a website and it was quickly made obvious that no expense would be spared. The whole project was to be called ‘New Zealand Focus’! As I watched domain names with one character difference being reserved, and press-releases flying around me left, right and centre, I also started making contact with lawyers. I had to protect my hard work… or at least I though I did.

Unfortunately, in this crazy world of Internet-Ideas and Internet-Failures, I had not registered a Trademark for ‘New Zealand Focus’. Granted,repparttar 145021 law still protected me torepparttar 145022 same extent withoutrepparttar 145023 Trademark because I had an established history. What had to be weighed up in my mind was: Can I possibly fight such a powerful, rich group? Even if I do fight, is it worth it? And what wouldrepparttar 145024 consequences be if I won, or lost? The effort I had made to successfully establish a site in a very competitive field was flashing before my eyes. As questions whirled around my head I considered decisions I had earlier made regarding SEO, keywords in domain names rather than branding, colour schemes, carryingrepparttar 145025 same designs into other tourism sites, all ofrepparttar 145026 work I had done was now in question. So what did I do? Did I fight? Well… Yes, and No!

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