Encouraging Your Child To Write

Written by ShowKidsTheFun

How inrepparttar world do you get your child to write? This isrepparttar 146196 battle cry of many parents. A lot of imagination, with a little bribery (or praise) is all you need to get your child writing. We'll supplyrepparttar 146197 imagination. The praise and bribery is all up to you.

Grocery List: Enlist your child's help in makingrepparttar 146198 grocery list. Walk aroundrepparttar 146199 kitchen, naming things you need fromrepparttar 146200 store. Ask your child to write everything down. Your child can also suggest foods you might need fromrepparttar 146201 store and he can add those, too.

Old Checks: If you've recently switched banks and have checks that need to be destroyed, first let your child play with them. Give him some envelopes and he can pretend to pay bills -- while getting him to do some writing. Of course, destroyrepparttar 146202 checks afterwards. If you do not have checks available, you can just give your child some blank pieces of paper and he can make his own checks.

Cards: If your child is interested in Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards, then give him some index cards cut in half and have him design his own cards. Encourage your child to giverepparttar 146203 characters names and special abilities on their cards.

Fictional Journal: Sometimes it is hard for children to write in a journal. What is there to write about? Instead of a standard journal, give your child a fictional journal. He or she can pretend to be anything they'd like to be and write a journal as that person. Your child could write fromrepparttar 146204 perspective of an Astronaut discovering a new planet, Prince or Princess on an Adventure, Archaeologist finding a new species of Dinosaur, Famous Athlete, President of a Country, Passenger onrepparttar 146205 Titanic. Your child could write fromrepparttar 146206 perspective something instead of someone, a mailbox, an animal, a pen. The possibilities are endless.

Birthday Video - Turn Your Child's Party Video Into A Music Video

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

Kid Birthday Party - Birthday Video

Most people shoot some random video of their child’s birthday party, then tossrepparttar video in a drawer and forget about it.

Hey, we’re talking about some precious video of an important event in your child’s life.

So if you’re going to shoot some video of your child’s birthday party, why not make it into a video everyone will want to see?

With just a little planning you can turn your child’s birthday party video footage into a fun music video that’s sure to become a treasured family keepsake and heirloom.

Choose A Favorite Song

Before you shoot your video, chooserepparttar 146133 song you want to use for your completed music video. It can be one of your child’s favorites, or one that fits your party theme. Now you can shoot your video to go along withrepparttar 146134 music. Most songs are about 2 and a half minutes long which tells you how long your completed music video will be.

10 Things You Need To Shoot

Putting uprepparttar 146135 decorations

Party guests arriving

Activities and crafts

Party Games

Bringing outrepparttar 146136 birthday cake

Opening cards and gifts

Finished decorations and balloons

Parents, brothers, sisters, family members and pets

Staged shots of your birthday child and guests being silly

Guests saying good-by and leaving

The birthday child’s parents collapsing on a chair afterrepparttar 146137 party.

You may find other shots you want to include as well.

Fun Camera Angels

Make your shots at least 5 to 10 seconds in length. A series of short but fun shots will help make your music video more fun to watch.

Try to stay away from usingrepparttar 146138 zoom lens. Unless a zoom is done very well it tends to look very amateurish.

Get lots candid of wide shots of your group.

Then move in and shoot medium shots of 2 or 3 people together.

Shoot close-ups of individual faces

Have fun by shooting some shots that are tilted to one side or stand on a chair and shoot down onrepparttar 146139 party. Putrepparttar 146140 camera onrepparttar 146141 floor and shoot up.

Editing Your Birthday Video - Music Video

If you have video editing software in your computer, you first need to digitizerepparttar 146142 footage you’ve shot. Then lay down your music track (the song you’ve selected).

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