Employment and relationships with co workers

Written by Josh Nay

Most of us interact with our co-workers on a daily basis, its what helps us get throughrepparttar day. Most employers go to great lengths to promoterepparttar 148004 "team", some thousands of dollars on retreats and seminars andrepparttar 148005 like. Basically, to them a group of cooperative, resourceful employees all working together is as valued as good advertising. And no wonder, without it their business would fare well. Picture a workplace populated only byrepparttar 148006 characters ofrepparttar 148007 show "Family Guy". How successful do you think this business would be? One ofrepparttar 148008 biggest problems employers face is repparttar 148009 romantic relationships among their employees. Some companyís even ban such relationships. Do you think it matters much? Iíve always thought that when two people "spark"repparttar 148010 rules ofrepparttar 148011 company mean little. At least it has with me. However, people get fired, sued and accused of misbehavior allrepparttar 148012 time in virtually every company. Sexual harassment has become a major topic in today job market, and its all about one thing. The harrasee's opinion of what harassment is. Thatís it, an opinion. The perception that one is being put down, embarrassed of

Resume Writing Tips

Written by Josh Nay

Make sure that your Resume is up to date with your latest job experience and educational accomplishments. Have a friend or relative evaluate your resume to see if it is clear, consistent, and fairly represents your skills and experience. Is your resume in a high impact format? Be sure to do a spell check on your resume. Misspelled works can reflect negatively on you and diminish your prospects. Many companies have a form on their web sites for submitting electronic resumes. Have a version of your resume that you can cut and paste into submittal forms. Create one that doesn't have columns and indents as these do not work well when pasted into a form. Let your family, friends, alumni groups, and industry contacts know you are looking for a job. Send them your resume. Many jobs are unadvertised and these people may know of potential openings. Also many employers would rather hire someone suggested to them by a person they trust. Summit your resume electronically to companies rather than via paper if possible. Check out their web sites to see if they have a resume submittal form. Submit it throughrepparttar form, if not send them an electronic version in Word or as a text file. Many large companies put electronic resumes into a database which then can be searched by managers looking to hire additional people. Usingrepparttar 148003 database managers can do keyword searches to quickly find candidates. Most managers do not want to takerepparttar 148004 time to wade through hundreds of paper resumes looking for candidates. Most paper resumes never even get looked at in some of these large companies. A local large airplane manufacturer and a local large software company rely heavily on their resume database for new candidates. Post your resume to resume databases. Generallyrepparttar 148005 posting is free. This is a lot more cost effective then spending hundreds of dollars in printing and postage costs blindly sending out resumes to companies. Recruiters search these databases looking for candidates to fill positions..

A potentially even more effective approach is to use a resume distribution service. For a small price you can blast your resume out to 1000's of recruiters. This can be more effective than waiting for a recruiter to stumble across your resume in a database. It also only costs a fraction of repparttar 148006 amount it would for printing and postage to do a mass mailing of your resume. Most of these services give you some control over what industries and geographic regions your resume is sent to. Many jobs are unadvertised as employers don't want to be bombarded by thousands of resumes. Therefore it is important for you to get your resume inrepparttar 148007 hands of your contacts. Also get your resume intorepparttar 148008 databases that potential employers can search.

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