Emphasize Your Decor Style in Seven Easy Ways

Written by Julie Dana

After searching decorating books, using trial and error decorating, and growing up a little bit, you have finally foundrepparttar style of decorating that you really love. Your style could be Arts & Crafts, French Country, Asian, or Metro Hip. If you are still searching for your style or want a second opinion on what your general home style really is, try takingrepparttar 100007 fun style quiz on http:/www.thehomestylist.com/.

Now that you have identified a décor style,repparttar 100008 challenging part may now be to implement that style and make it substantial enough so others will notice. There are seven simple elements that will really help you emphasize this great look.

1. Choose a focal point that will reflect your décor style. This signature piece is usuallyrepparttar 100009 most dominate item you see and setsrepparttar 100010 tone ofrepparttar 100011 room. If this piece is not your specific style,repparttar 100012 room will not look its best. An example could be a beautiful Queen Anne armoire for a Classic Traditional style or a large rustic log mantel forrepparttar 100013 Mountain Lodge look.

2. Use colors that are common to that specific style. Different décor styles are usually shown with a collection of colors that are prominent for that palette. Make sure your room has those colors. For example, French Country is well known for its pretty yellows and blues. Americana Style would not berepparttar 100014 same without red, white and blue.

3. Collect in a theme that emphasizes that style. Every ones needs a conversation piece or collection that demonstratesrepparttar 100015 owner’s personality and interests. A collection also doesn’t need to be large just 3 to 5 objects. Ginger jars forrepparttar 100016 Asian Décor or cute porcelain teapots to emphasize an English Garden style.

Mahogany's Beauty and Durability Makes it Ideal for Deck Construction

Written by Mark Donovan

A couple of years ago I hadrepparttar chance to tour several newly constructed Adirondack homes. One ofrepparttar 100006 areas that particularly stood out for me while touring these homes wererepparttar 100007 decks. All used Mahogany lumber for bothrepparttar 100008 decking andrepparttar 100009 railing systems. The red color andrepparttar 100010 general beauty ofrepparttar 100011 Mahogany wood was unique to anything I had ever seen before in decking material.

After completing my home tours I went out and researched Mahogany further. First, there are several species and colors of Mahogany, supplied by various countries aroundrepparttar 100012 world. Not all arerepparttar 100013 same, however. It isrepparttar 100014 species known as American Mahogany that hasrepparttar 100015 rich red color that I had observed. American Mahogany comes fromrepparttar 100016 West Indies, Mexico, and Central and South America. It is generally viewed as a harder wood that is extremely durable and resistance to moisture and insects. Also, because it is a hard wood it has a tendancy to not split, twist or check. So be sure to ask aboutrepparttar 100017 species, prior to buying Mahogany. Note however, Mahogany is a little more expensive than pressure treated decking and railing systems, however it is well worth it in terms of quality, looks and durabilty.

Since discovering and researching Mahogany, I have built two deck systems using this material. As I had indicated earlier, it is a hard material that as a result, requires a little more effort in its installation.

Fasteningrepparttar 100018 Material

First, use stainless steel nails or screws on bothrepparttar 100019 decking and railing systems, as other types will not penetrate this material very well. My preference wasrepparttar 100020 stainless steel nails, however pre-drilling holes is mandatory if not using a nail gun. Even with stainless steel nails, they will bend trying to simply nail them intorepparttar 100021 wood. I found that withrepparttar 100022 stainless steel hex head screws that they chewedrepparttar 100023 wood going in and left somewhat of a ragged finish onrepparttar 100024 surface ofrepparttar 100025 wood.

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