Emotional and Practical Efficiency.

Written by Thick Mick.

"Life is about living with people, not countingrepparttar seconds". With a grin on your face and an open mind, considerrepparttar 141334 following efficiencies:

Use one word where it is enough. Use two words where you wish to use twice as many. Find a friend who is that. Lose a friend who is not that. Redefine descriptions, perhaps.

Sparerepparttar 141335 rod and have a spare rod, as well as more energy. (T.M.)

Remember to rinse your disposable razor thoroughly to extend its workable life. You'll get six months from it!.

Oilrepparttar 141336 axle of your wheel barrow and de-greaserepparttar 141337 shafts. Inflatingrepparttar 141338 tyre is exercise-dependent!

Only curse if politically strategic.

Look your enemy inrepparttar 141339 eye, front or back of it. Look your friend inrepparttar 141340 eye;repparttar 141341 front of it.

Like timely flatulence, release torepparttar 141342 atmosphere all guilt that is not truly yours. Even if it is, consider a similar release!

Thick Mick Quotations!

Written by Thick Mick.

"When I was a boy, SAWDUST wasrepparttar remains ofrepparttar 141333 saw itself"

"Sparerepparttar 141334 rod and have a spare rod, as well as more energy".

"We didn't have any washing machines. Just as well because we had no electricity".

"Nappies/diphers are no more that restrictive cotton containers!"

"You should walk a dog, and run a cat".

"A dog is a man's best friend. So it is better to sharerepparttar 141335 dinner of a dog, than to eat food cooked by strangers".

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