Embrace Rejection Every No Puts You Closer to A Yes

Written by Caterina Rando

The last two weeks I have been waiting for an answer from a potential client on a large piece of business. While playingrepparttar waiting game I have been thinking a lot aboutrepparttar 127227 sales process. I realized I have not been turned down much lately. Before I got too excited I also realized I had not been asking forrepparttar 127228 business much lately either. My excuse was I had been busy with speaking, coaching and writing assignments and had taken my attention off generating new business. Ask yourself, are you asking forrepparttar 127229 business often enough? Are you too busy delivering your product or service this month that you have not been thinking about what business you will bring in next month?

If this rings true for you that would be about normal. Being busy is an excuse. The truth is it is easier to stay busy with any project than risk rejection. The biggest reason we do not ask for business, try to closerepparttar 127230 sale, or insist on taking an order, is because we do not want to be rejected. Especially if what you are selling is you. Think about it, you can sell 100 raffle tickets for your child's school, sell chocolate bars for your church, or ask people to write a check for a good cause, but when it comes to asking people to give you a check, a big check how do you do?

Often we do not ask because we project in our mind thatrepparttar 127231 answer will be no, and for most people our biggest fear is rejection. Sure, it can be scary to get turned down. Here is an important secret though,repparttar 127232 more you do itrepparttar 127233 easier it gets, andrepparttar 127234 less scary. To be successful we have to embrace rejection, know it is a part ofrepparttar 127235 process of getting what we want, it must not be avoided instead it must be sought out.

This is not easy to do, in business there is always plenty to keep us busy or shall I say plenty to distract us from what is one ofrepparttar 127236 most important aspects of business- selling. Instead of selling people will do just about anything, schedule meetings, organize their desk, respond to emails, take a longer lunch, go to a networking event, even write articles. While all these things are helpful torepparttar 127237 success of any business they are less of a priority thanrepparttar 127238 task of selling. Selling, let us define for our purposes asrepparttar 127239 process of qualifying prospective clients, identifying their needs, presenting our product to them and closingrepparttar 127240 business. This process must be completed with each potential client for any selling to be successful. To stop anywhere inrepparttar 127241 process is a waste of time.

Being successful in business isrepparttar 127242 result of finding enough ofrepparttar 127243 right people and asking them to buyrepparttar 127244 products and or services they need from you. If you are not asking you can not get agreement to provide them with products or services.

If you realize that every no is closer to a yes and you are ready to embrace rejection, here are some things to do to help you start asking more.

Five Easy Way to Collect Testimonials

Written by Mike Burstein

Besidesrepparttar word free, there is probably no stronger tool to influence new customers to use your business product or service than testimonials from past customers.

As long as you provide an outstanding product or service, most customers are delighted to provide you with their endorsement. Unfortunately, most businesses don't implement an actual procedure to systematically get testimonials.

The natural reluctance to ask for testimonials can easily be overcome by setting up a regimen that consistently asks your customers for their endorsement. You will be amazed atrepparttar 127226 comments you receive and surprised by some ofrepparttar 127227 criticism. Use this feedback wisely to improve your business.

The following suggestions can be implemented with little expense or effort but will pay you huge dividends:

1. Unsolicited testimonials are alwaysrepparttar 127228 best. Sometimes you will WOW! your customer and they will tell how thrilled they are. If you ask permission to use their comments on your promotions or website,repparttar 127229 answer will be a resounding yes.

2. A report card on your product or service is easy to use. Include a postpaid card with all sales or service receipts. Ask questions aboutrepparttar 127230 customer's satisfaction with your service, include a free form comment section and include a check box giving you permission to use their testimonial.

3. On all receipts, include a URL to your website where your customer can fill out an online report card. Once again, ask for permission to use their comments and be sure to have a free form comment box.

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