Emailing Form Input Using ASP

Written by Amrit Hallan

Everybody uses online forms these days, whether to get user feedback or to get orders. They present your visitors with a means to convey their message to you.

Most ofrepparttar webmasters prefer using CGI scripts for processing and emailing form inputs. Such scripts are copiously available, mostly free, at various free-scripts resources onrepparttar 109627 Net. Most of CGI happens in Perl, so you gotta be in friendly terms withrepparttar 109628 scripting language in order to fine tunerepparttar 109629 form-handling script according to your own, special needs.

A better alternative is, using either ASP or PHP. Both scripting languages are easy to use and require less coding. In Perl, if you write a routine in 50 lines,repparttar 109630 same routine can be written, in say, 10 lines in ASP.

In this article I'm going to tell you how to write an HTML-form handling script in ASP. This script does two things - it emails yourepparttar 109631 details entered byrepparttar 109632 visitor, and then it displays a thank you page. It also checks ifrepparttar 109633 user has left a relevant field, here, email, blank.

There are basically two email handling objects used byrepparttar 109634 servers supportingrepparttar 109635 ASP capability, viz., CDONTS and SMTP. We'll see how both work.

First, let us make an HTML page that contains our form (note that every HTML tag is preceded by a dot so that some ofrepparttar 109636 email clients don't throw up a tantrum - you'll have to remove them before implementingrepparttar 109637 code):


. . .This is a test page to run an ASP script that handles form input.

. .



. .

And now we writerepparttar 109638 ASP file that handlesrepparttar 109639 required script to processrepparttar 109640 above form. Remarks are inserted using ' .


.<% @Language = VBScript %> .<% Option Explicit %> .<% Response.Buffer = True %>

' You'll needrepparttar 109641 above command in case you want to show a "Thank you" page, as you'll need to "re-direct" to "thankyou.html".

Do You Yahoo?

Written by Samuel Negron

Do You Yahoo?

Anyone with yahoo account ought to be aware........ Yahoo is spamming you!! That's right, Yahoo has decided to give away all of your private contact information in their database torepparttar highest bidder! All your information is being distributed to everyone from telemarketers to health/life insurance companies! Outrageous? I think so!

If you have a yahoo account you need to dorepparttar 109626 following immediately, in order to ensure your privacy!

Go to:

A) Click on Account Info inrepparttar 109627 upper right hand corner. B) After logging in, get to your Account Information screen, go down torepparttar 109628 "Members Information" section.

C) Click on "Edit your marketing preferences". You'll notice that you're probably signed up for everything. Click onrepparttar 109629 16 "no" buttons downrepparttar 109630 page.

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