Email Wiretapping- Don't be a victim

Written by Neville French

Onrepparttar face of it, does email wiretapping sound scary? Yes? Yes it is scary and you should now how it's done and how to combat it.

A little while agorepparttar 109678 known (but not known with a load presence) organisation called "The US based Privacy Foundation" became aware of a as un-yet widely known security hole inrepparttar 109679 latest incarnations of email clients produced by Microsoft and Netscape.

The security loophole essentially allowsrepparttar 109680 sender of an email message to see what has been written whenrepparttar 109681 message is forwarded with comments to other recipients. This procedure has been nickname "email wiretapping". As you can imagine this leads to surreptitiously monitoring of written messages attached and/or forwarded messages. Some not so pleasant uses involve:

1) In a sensitive business negotiation conducted via normal email, one party can learn inside information fromrepparttar 109682 other parties asrepparttar 109683 proposal is discussed throughrepparttar 109684 recipient company's internal email system.

2) A seeded email message could capture thousands of email addresses asrepparttar 109685 forwarded message is sent aroundrepparttar 109686 world.

Seeded with what? JavaScript isrepparttar 109687 answer and it can easily hide in any HTML email. Of courserepparttar 109688 JavaScript capability has to be enabled withinrepparttar 109689 email client. Typical email readers with JavaScript functionality include Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape 6 Mail. Earlier versions ofrepparttar 109690 Netscape mail readers are not affected because they do not fully support allrepparttar 109691 intricacies of JavaScript. Eudora andrepparttar 109692 AOL 6.0 series of email readers are not affected because JavaScript is turned off by default (but are vulnerable if turned on of course). Hotmail and other web-based email systems automatically strip out JavaScript programs from incoming email messages and therefore are not vulnerable.

Build Awareness Through Email Without Spamming!

Written by Michele Haapamaki

Most web marketers have seenrepparttar usual promotion strategies dozens of times. Search engines, newsletters, email ads andrepparttar 109677 like. Yet it can seem like a painfully slow process to build up from a trickle of visitors per day. Slow and steady marketing programs will pay off, but sometimes slow is just too discouraging! Unfortunately many web business owners will give up because ofrepparttar 109678 psychological toll of a slow start.

To boost your site (and your confidence), you need to focus on bringing traffic to your site NOW to build an awareness of your site’s existence, even if it does not immediately translate into sales. You also need to letrepparttar 109679 big guns in your industry know that you are online, and that you intend to be a player. You need a promotion strategy, not an advertising program. If there is one concept to keep in mind throughout your web marketing career, it is this…

You can promote without advertising. In fact, promotion is often a much more powerful way to succeed. We tend to think of these two concepts as one andrepparttar 109680 same, but you are severely limiting your results if you concentrate only on "advertising." For one thing, there are rules about advertising (i.e. spam). In addition, we are all growing more impervious to ads; we see and hear so many per day that we unconsciously filter them out.

Advertising is geared towardsrepparttar 109681 sale. Promotion, onrepparttar 109682 other hand, is geared towards building awareness. Promotion focuses first onrepparttar 109683 person you are communicating with, and then subtly returnsrepparttar 109684 focus to you. You can advertise your site without emitting those bad vibes that "advertising" usually produces. How do you accomplish this? There are several ways, only one of which we will discuss in this article.

Email. Not email newsletters, or email ads, or email discussion groups but person-to-person email. Yes, you can send free email to people you don’t know, provided that you are offering something of value (or potential value) forrepparttar 109685 recipient. A blatant ad is simply spam, which will win you no friends at all.

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