Email Newsletters: The Header

Written by Robert F. Abbott

Managing Subscriber addresses: Atrepparttar top of your email message you seerepparttar 138742 header, where you insert addresses and a subject heading. It all looks simple enough, but there are some tricks and tips you should know, and one very important warning. Letís start with that warning:

In addressing your newsletter, do not put subscriber names or email addresses inrepparttar 138743 TO orrepparttar 138744 CC (Carbon Copy) field. Addresses in either of these fields are visible to all recipients. And, if you have one unscrupulous person on your list, that person could start sending spam torepparttar 138745 rest ofrepparttar 138746 list.

Always put subscriber addresses inrepparttar 138747 BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field, where no one but you will see their addresses. This is very important in retaining their confidence. In fact, this might now berepparttar 138748 single most important point to remember if you send an email message to any group.

So, to whom shouldrepparttar 138749 newsletter be addressed? Probably yourself. You can use your regular address, or set up a special address forrepparttar 138750 newsletter only. One other thought: userepparttar 138751 CC field as a place to putrepparttar 138752 name of someone who wants to make their address known. For example, if you include a special offer by a third party inrepparttar 138753 newsletter, you can CC that third party, and as a result provide a backup email address.

Subject line: Make this line as strong as possible. Itísrepparttar 138754 hook that encouragesrepparttar 138755 reader to scroll downrepparttar 138756 page to your article(s). Try looking throughrepparttar 138757 subject lines ofrepparttar 138758 newsletters you now receive, and see what works for you.

Email Builds Brands

Written by Harry Hoover

Email - today's preferred business communication tool - provides you a simple, powerful, affordable way to develop, manage and maintain relationships as well as sell products and services. Let's briefly examine how permission-based email marketing positively affects:

* Brand Awareness

* Market Intelligence

* Web Traffic

* Prospect Leads

* Loyalty

Build Brand Awareness. Email builds brand awareness by promotingrepparttar name,repparttar 137977 look, feel and image of your company. Users now prefer HTML email to text email. HTML email gives yourepparttar 137978 ability to include logos and other corporate images to reinforce your existing brand.

Increase Market Intelligence. Permission-based email allows you easily to survey your current customer base to solicit feedback on your website, customer service, products and services. With this baseline survey in hand, you can gauge how attitudes and awareness are changing over time. And withrepparttar 137979 capabilities of professional email programs, you can segmentrepparttar 137980 results to see differences between established and more recent customers. Results such as these help you tweak and tune marketing and public relations efforts.

Drive Website Traffic. Your website can be one of your primary tools for customer acquisition and retention. People must visitrepparttar 137981 site in order for you to capture them as clients or up-sell them on other services. Email marketing programs can bring new visitors torepparttar 137982 site and established customers back again.

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