Email Marketing Systems to Help Boost Exposure and Profits...System #7 - The Silent Partners

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

The whole point of these eMail Systems is to set things up in such a way that they pretty much run themselves. This is a HUGE advantage because it will free you up to work on other things within your eBusiness AND it has your eMail Marketing churning away, all atrepparttar same time! Now, I ask cool is that??

There are two little tactics that are quite effective when it comes to eMail Marketing that not too many people use. I refer to them as my "silent partners." I use them on a consistent basis and I highly encourage you to as well ;o)

Ok, let's roll them out!

Download Pages...

I know, you must be thinking, download pages?? You betcha and why not? Every download you have, be it a paid and yes even a no cost download, must always have their own download page. I have seen so many people miss out on a marketing opportunity by not using a download page at all. All they have is a text link that will take them torepparttar 144126 .exe or .pdf and call it a day.

RULE OF THUMB...a no cost download must always be treated as if it were a cost one!!

A download page gives you yet another "kick atrepparttar 144127 cat" as they say (note...there were no cats harmed or injured in anyway duringrepparttar 144128 writing of this article and don't email me, I love cats!!). It is another opportunity to add to or build a list so use it to YOUR full marketing advantage!!

On your download page you have another chance to getrepparttar 144129 purchaser to take you up on your no cost newsletter offer. Or perhaps you have an eCourse that will tie in withrepparttar 144130 theme ofrepparttar 144131 product they just bought. Any chance you have to get them on a LIST via one of your other email marketing systems that you have set up so that you can follow up with them ... well don't just stand there...TAKE IT!!

"Read Me First" Text Files...

Ahhh, hardly anyone uses these. Ken Evoy does on a regular basis, as does Jimmy Brown and a few other top marketers, but, us regular "joe's" ... NOT!!

Every download should be a zip file and within that zip file should always be a little "Read Me First" note from YOU. (You can create these in notepad).

Within your "ReadMeFirst" note is a thank you forrepparttar 144132 purchase AND then you will tie in one of your other eMail Marketing Systems. It could be a eCourse, your newsletter, your eMarketing Kit...the options are up to you.

If You Don't Learn As You Go...You Won't Grow!

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

How many out there sell products that you purchasedrepparttar reprint rights to??

What I mean is, how many of you have purchased eBooks and courses which allow yourepparttar 144125 opportunity to turn around and sell them again or use them as a bonus offer??

Some of us even takerepparttar 144126 ball and run, go that one step further and customizerepparttar 144127 sales page with our own payment links and offer them for sale.

Which of course isrepparttar 144128 whole purpose of reprint rights.

However, where you will seerepparttar 144129 hands come down very quickly is when you ask "How many of you READY, STUDY and APPLYrepparttar 144130 very same information that is in that particular eBook that you are selling?

I can guarantee you thatrepparttar 144131 response rate to that question is very, very low AND is one ofrepparttar 144132 biggest reasons forrepparttar 144133 failure rate of eBusiness today.

Now, some of you are going to sit there and say, well I am failing because my program isn't worth a darn. Hmmm, ok, for those of you with that response, then answer this. How many of you actually go throughrepparttar 144134 members area piece by piece and digest every little bit of training material they offer? How many of you READ, STUDY and APPLY that information??

Ok, I don't want to get into some sort of back and forth banter here. The point is this, many people out there have information at their fingertips. Information that if they read, studied and applied to their own business, they would be learning and of course seeing results from what they have learned.

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