Email Marketing Is Alive And Well

Written by Lisa O'Connor

Email marketing is alive and well! If done correctly it will build your business faster than any other marketing method! Email marketing isrepparttar number one way to promote your business online. If you want to succeed with your online business, email marketing is a MUST. Marketing itself is a never ending task. As long as you're in business, you will have to actively market your product or service. There are advantages to marketing through email;

It is free. Not only is your message/advertisement delivered instantly, so are customer orders! Following up with new products/services is free. Having a fantastic website is great, but it alone won't bring in customers. That's what email marketing will do for you! Without an effective and aggressive marketing plan, no one will even know your great website/product/service exists! Let's look at some ways to market your product or service through email. Opt-In List ----------- "Opt-In" is a list of prospects that have contacted you and have given you permission to email them about your product/service. Prospects contact you requesting more information or to join your ezine/e-newsletter and you add them to your Opt-In list of contacts. This isrepparttar 109593 safest way to handle your marketing campaigns. If you do not have a person's permission to email them with your advertising/marketing campaigns, you are spamming that person. Spam is unsolicited commercial email. It is email you send to someone who you've had no prior relationship with. This is notrepparttar 109594 way to handle your marketing campaigns. Most likelyrepparttar 109595 person you have spammed will report you and you risk losing your hosting/ISP etc.

Build your opt-in list instead and market safely. Ways you can build your opt-in list; Your current customers. Your best source of contacts is your current customer list. It is easy to sell to satisfied customers who already know you. Since they are willing to receive your campaigns, your chance of success is greatly increased. Your targeted list will bring you more orders and profit. Referrals. Contact your prospects and offer to send information to their friends who may be interested in your product or service. Joint Venture with a non-competitive, related business. Exchange a split ofrepparttar 109596 profit for an endorsed mailing of your offer to their customer list. Advertising. Include your email address in ALL advertising you do! Website Visitors. Include a "subscribe to" form for your e-newsletter/ezine onto your website. Don't have a e-newsletter or ezine? Start one! This is a great way to boost your business. You can follow up and sell to your opt-in list over and over and over again! Autoresponders -------------- A great way to free up some time and automate your campaign is to use an autoresponder. Setting up an autoresponder means having a system that can make sales 24/7 automatically! Use your autoresponder asrepparttar 109597 contact email address your prospects use to receive more information about your product/service. Store this list in a safe place, you will be able to sell to this list over and over again. Make surerepparttar 109598 message your prospects receive from your autoresponder is professional, thorough, personable and check your grammar and spelling. Your autoresponder should also be able to send multiple messages at set intervals you determine. It takes a customer 7-12 times of seeing your offer before they decide to buy!

A Cost Effective Way to Advertise Online . . . Permission E-Mail Marketing

Written by Robin Nobles

We all hate e-mail spam, right? I even haverepparttar coolest software program that will help you combat spam and actually bouncesrepparttar 109592 spam e-mail straight back torepparttar 109593 user. (

However, one thing that we often fail to admit (except in private) isrepparttar 109594 importance of permission e-mail marketing, whererepparttar 109595 members of your mailing list have given you permission to contact them, or where they're past customers of yours. Obviously, these e-mail lists are always opt-out, so if someone chooses not to continue receiving information from you, they can easily get removed fromrepparttar 109596 list.

Many of you know that I write monthly articles for Planet Ocean Publications, which (in my opinion) is one ofrepparttar 109597 best sources for up-to-date information inrepparttar 109598 search engine industry. Their monthly online publication, Search Engine News, is second to none, and if you don't subscribe to it, you're missing out on tips and strategies that could make an amazing difference in your search engine optimization work. For those of you who aren't familiar with Planet Ocean, here's their URL.

Stephen Mahaney isrepparttar 109599 editor of Planet Ocean, and he's easily one ofrepparttar 109600 top marketing guru's onrepparttar 109601 Internet. I spent several hours onrepparttar 109602 phone with him recently, and he told me that Time Magazine wrote an article in their November 3 edition that dealt withrepparttar 109603 importance and impact of permission e-mail marketing.

There are a couple of quotes straight fromrepparttar 109604 magazine:

"E-mail marketing is fast, effective and dirt cheap -- a godsend for marketers in an economy that has crunched advertising budgets."

". . .repparttar 109605 humble medium of e-mail is blossoming while flashier forms of Internet advertising are goingrepparttar 109606 way ofrepparttar 109607 sock puppet."

"Little wonder that old-line companies like Ford and Procter & Gamble are joining early users of targeted e-mail pitches like and J. Crew."

Can we trust Time Magazine? I do believe we can! They're a highly trusted magazine and have been for years and years. Time is clearly going onrepparttar 109608 record of saying that permission e-mail marketing is one ofrepparttar 109609 most valuable means of making sales onrepparttar 109610 Internet, but only if done properly.

Inrepparttar 109611 words of Stephen Mahaney, "If you have yet to 'correctly' integrate 'permission email marketing' into your online business plan, then you risk being thwarted by your competitors that do. It's just that plain and simple."

So, while spam e-mail should always remain locked tightly in a closet (NEVER to be let out), permission e-mail marketing is a crucial way for you to keep in touch with your customers and those interested in your products or services.

Let's look at five effective permission e-mail marketing strategies, tips that many Webmasters fail to do, and they ultimately lose business because of it.

1. If someone writes for information on your goods or services, save those e-mail addresses! Remember that sales aren't always maderepparttar 109612 first time someone hears of a service or product. One trusted source told me that you have to hear about a product, service, or company at least twenty times before you begin to trust that company enough to do business with them.

2. Set up an online form where people can sign up with their names and e-mail addresses to receive a copy of your monthly or quarterly newsletter or updates to your site, or to ask you questions. Haverepparttar 109613 information go straight into a database that containsrepparttar 109614 e-mail addresses of everyone who has written to you for information. Then, create a newsletter that is not just a sales pitch for your products and services. Offer valuable tips to your potential customers. Giverepparttar 109615 newsletter true value, and those potential customers will begin to look forward to hearing from you. Then, when it's time for them to purchaserepparttar 109616 types of goods or services that you offer, who do you think they'll go to? The company they can trust: you!

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