Email Marketing Basics

Written by JC Anderl

Email marketing is one ofrepparttar best techniques that you can learn. Nothing tops it in its ability to stay in contact with your customer base. It's also remarkable cheap forrepparttar 117513 results you get if you do it right. Here arerepparttar 117514 basics of three kinds of email marketing.

Spam/Unsolicited Email There really is not much to say except "don't do it." Spam is becoming increasingly looked down on by customers and Internet service providers alike. The response rates are very low and ISP's will shut you down without notice. There are other ways to promote your business, so let's take a look at more effective email marketing techniques.

Ezine Advertising

Ezine advertising is a very effective and easy to use method of email marketing. First you need to find an ezine to advertise with. An ezine that is related or complimentary to your site and products works best. offers a large, searchable database of ezines for a small yearly membership fee. You can also use for free to find an ezine that relates to your site.

After you have found a promising ezine, you should subscribe to it to seerepparttar 117515 quality ofrepparttar 117516 newsletter. A great rule to remember: If you likerepparttar 117517 newsletter, then you probably aren't alone. Newsletters with great content have a more attentive reader base, which is alsorepparttar 117518 type of reader base that you want your ads to be sent to.

You should remember that your ads are justrepparttar 117519 beginning ofrepparttar 117520 process. Don't send your click-throughs torepparttar 117521 same page regardless of your ad, especially if you have multiple products. If your advertisement is for just one of your products, sendrepparttar 117522 visitors torepparttar 117523 product introduction page, not your home page.

Basics of Publishing Your Own Newsletter

Written by JC Anderl

Publishing your own newsletter is one ofrepparttar greatest ways to keep in touch with your visitors. The basic idea is that once you have takenrepparttar 117512 time and/or money to direct a person to your website, you want to get their name and email address so that you can keep in contact with them.

Marketing experts agree that it takes an average of seven exposures to an offer before they buy. Without a net to catch email addresses many surfers will soon find there way to another one ofrepparttar 117513 millions of sites onrepparttar 117514 web, leaving it up to them to remember to come back. Getting them to sign up for your newsletter puts you more in control of further contact.

Sending newsletters throughrepparttar 117515 mail can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Sending a newsletter over email, however, is easy, and costs virtually nothing. You can keep in contact with your list as often as you want if you give them valuable information. Remember to give something in return for their time spent reading your mailing.

Getting Your Mailing List Setup

You can start adding an email snare to your website almost immediately. Here arerepparttar 117516 things that you need to set up

1. List Manager

You can pick either a paid service or free service to mail your list.

Host4Proft Hosting - As part ofrepparttar 117517 hosting package, which you need anyway, they also have an easy setup for sending newsletters. It's inexpensive too. offers an easy to use service that costs nothing butrepparttar 117518 inclusion of an ad.  

Web Business Wizard offers an opt-in email list signup form as well as a powerful shopping cart and a web interface where you can contact all who opt-in to your lists. Its $39 a month to get setup.

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