Email Marketing - the end is nigh!

Written by Robert Palmer

Consider if you willrepparttar resources,repparttar 131728 time andrepparttar 131729 financial investment given to attracting new web traffic. Banner advertising, link exchanges, search engine ratings, affiliate schemes andrepparttar 131730 list goes on. Yet when it comes to retaining a customer’s future business or even a return visit, we simply hope that they will opt-in to a newsletter mailing list and everything will be okay.

Of courserepparttar 131731 truth of opt-in email marketing is far from okay. For a start, people, especially private individuals, frequently change their email address. For many people, email addresses are a disposable accessory, which should be replaced every few weeks whenrepparttar 131732 Spam starts rolling in. I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble keeping up withrepparttar 131733 email changes of my friends and family, let alone a list of a few thousand customers and potential customers.

Typing “email marketing” into Google will return literally thousands of software products and services all promising to make your email campaign more successful and slick. Of course it doesn’t matter how much or how little you expend on your email newsletter, it will still be one subject line of possibly hundreds, all screaming for attention.

 Average email click through rates fell from 5.4% in 1999 to just 1.8% in 2003 (Source eMarketer)  27% of emails never get opened and of those that are opened only 23% are read thoroughly (Source: J Neilsen)  Average open rate for B2B emails has fallen by 42% since 2001 (Source eMarketer)

Although such statistics make grim reading, worse is yet to come. Some industry experts are predicting a total collapse ofrepparttar 131734 email infrastructure withinrepparttar 131735 next five years due torepparttar 131736 shear volume of traffic. A technology dating back torepparttar 131737 1960’s, email was developed as a means for geeks to communicate with other geeks, about something they had seen inrepparttar 131738 alt.freakygeek newsgroup. It was never designed to cope withrepparttar 131739 demands of mass marketing which have been inflicted upon it sincerepparttar 131740 arrival ofrepparttar 131741 WWW. So with that in mind, it is something of a miracle and a credit torepparttar 131742 technology of yesteryear that it continues to work at all.

Recent research commissioned by Yahoo revealed thatrepparttar 131743 average British PC has nine “sick days” a year, two more thanrepparttar 131744 average for human workers. Six of these days are lost battling against Spam, while a further three are taken up combating viruses.

The Yahoo findings went on to reveal that nearly half of British computer users find dealing with junk e-mails more stressful than traffic jams andrepparttar 131745 majority want service providers to act.

Anyone Can Build a Web Site!

Written by Robin Sopko

Anyone Can Build a Web Site! by Robin Sopko

There are many levels of computer "savvy". I'd like to think I am quite experienced, but actually, consideringrepparttar vast knowledge that I have never been trained in, I'd have to consider myself to be just aboverepparttar 131727 beginner level. I know how to navigate, but I am untrained on the technical science ofrepparttar 131728 World Wide Web. Although I have spent thousands of hours in front of my keyboard and monitor, searching, absorbing and creating, I still have no scholarly knowledge of HTML (hyper text markup language), or things like CGI, Perl, Java script, or other computer programming languages. All I know is that I love to build and design websites, and I loverepparttar 131729 idea of all of this vast knowledge, available at my fingertips. My father is curious about computing, but feels utterly overcome byrepparttar 131730 thought of owning a  personal computer. Being one who only types with three fingers, he is convinced that he would become frustrated byrepparttar 131731 availability of virtually "everything" and his inability to obtain it fast enough. He thinks he is too old to learn "shorthand" forrepparttar 131732 keyboard. One friend of mine can turn onrepparttar 131733 computer, get online, get to her email, read and delete it, then becomes instantly lost. If she types anything into her browser window, she has no idea how she got to where she ended up or how to get out of it. Another example is my daughter, thirty years younger than I am, experienced enough to know technical computer terminology, and so fast withrepparttar 131734 mouse thatrepparttar 131735 computer freezes up within minutes of her signing on. Just when I think I know something that she doesn't, she snickers with delight, and lets out a "Gees Mom, Duh!" that embarrasses merepparttar 131736 rest ofrepparttar 131737 day. Progress increases a hundredfold from our standpoint and throughoutrepparttar 131738 computer literate,repparttar 131739 certified, trained andrepparttar 131740 accomplished. My point is, that anyone of us could build an elementary web site after an hour of dialing up, logging on, and getting to a free server or host to beginrepparttar 131741 building process. Many URLs (web site addresses) offer free space and some offer design-ready templates; all you need to have is a plan. What will be your title? How many pages would you like to have? What are your sub-topics? The tutorials will frequently instruct you what to do from that point forward.

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