Email List Rental

Written by John McCabe

Email List Rental

We have all heardrepparttar hype about fantastic response rates from email marketing – and they do exist – but how do you get them. Low response rates are a result of cheap, poorly maintained lists being offered from unscrupulous sources. A good list does not automatically mean a great response rate – you have to be aware of other factors such asrepparttar 109572 offer,repparttar 109573 timing,repparttar 109574 price etc, - but it goes along way to achieving those high response rates we have all heard about.

Here are some typical questions that I am asked about email address lists, which I have attempted to answer in order to shed some light onrepparttar 109575 subject.

How is an email list compiled?

Inrepparttar 109576 same way that good direct mail data is compiled, b2b email addresses are collected throughrepparttar 109577 process of telemarketing, subscription and surveys. Consumer email addresses tend to be collected as a result of visits to specific interest or hobby websites, where lifestyle information is collated on registration.

Who suppliesrepparttar 109578 emails?

Email addresses can be rented through specialist email solutions providers, traditional list brokers, or directly fromrepparttar 109579 owners or managers. The list owners are normallyrepparttar 109580 organisations which compiled and now maintainrepparttar 109581 list from which your selection will be taken. Many list owners deal directly withrepparttar 109582 end user, althoughrepparttar 109583 vast majority will appoint an exclusive agent known as a List Manager. Most List Managers will have several list owners in their portfolio, often with complementary lists.

A word of caution - email list owners and managers rarely if ever will recommend a list outside of their portfolios. Email list brokers however are different. They arerepparttar 109584 users’ representative from whom an end user can expect advice on good email list selections, applications, etc. Recognised brokers have a commission-sharing agreement that enables each of them to access any lists managed by any ofrepparttar 109585 List Owners/List Managers.

Some brokers are stronger on consumer email and others business lists. Some also have international dealings. Choose your broker carefully.

Before attempting to rent an email list, be sure you understandrepparttar 109586 various selections which may be offered to you. The price you pay depends onrepparttar 109587 combination of selections you order.

List brokers will wantrepparttar 109588 end users to issue a brief. The broker’s interpretation of your requirements will be a reflection ofrepparttar 109589 brief. The more comprehensiverepparttar 109590 brief,repparttar 109591 more accurate and detailed will berepparttar 109592 list proposal.

Copying and pastingrepparttar 109593 following URL into your browser will enable you to view an email list broker brief:

A responsible email list broker will take your brief and respond inrepparttar 109594 form of a List Proposal. This will include essential information aboutrepparttar 109595 email list. A typical template can be viewed by visiting:

What isrepparttar 109596 quality of email addresses?

Assuming thatrepparttar 109597 email broker has allrepparttar 109598 relevant information they should be able to get a good match to your requirements. No list whether email or traditional mailing lists are 100% accurate, but if you put inrepparttar 109599 preparation work this will eliminate wasted communications to disinterested people. Responsible email brokers will use reliable sources who maintain their email addresses torepparttar 109600 highest standard. Many will put in writingrepparttar 109601 procedure they use to ascertainrepparttar 109602 email address, and also vouch forrepparttar 109603 authenticity ofrepparttar 109604 claimed Opt-in status. I will get list owners to sign an affidavit to back up their verbal claims. If nothing else, it is a measure ofrepparttar 109605 confidence with whichrepparttar 109606 list owners view their own data. To view an example of an affidavit by visitingrepparttar 109607 following URL:

Email List Proposal

Written by John McCabe

Email List Proposal

List owner: < Who has collatedrepparttar file? >

List name: < What isrepparttar 109571 file known as? >?

Description: < Description ofrepparttar 109572 recipients onrepparttar 109573 file including lifestyle demographics, age, gender etc for consumer lists, and job function, company type etc for business.>

No. of Records: < Total number available that meets your chosen criteria to establishrepparttar 109574 scope for roll out.> How wasrepparttar 109575 file collated: < Are they collected from website registrations, tele-research, surveys etc.? The Broker should give details here> Who has usedrepparttar 109576 file previously? < Case studies if available. >

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