Email List Proposal

Written by John McCabe

Email List Proposal

List owner: < Who has collatedrepparttar file? >

List name: < What isrepparttar 109571 file known as? >?

Description: < Description ofrepparttar 109572 recipients onrepparttar 109573 file including lifestyle demographics, age, gender etc for consumer lists, and job function, company type etc for business.>

No. of Records: < Total number available that meets your chosen criteria to establishrepparttar 109574 scope for roll out.> How wasrepparttar 109575 file collated: < Are they collected from website registrations, tele-research, surveys etc.? The Broker should give details here> Who has usedrepparttar 109576 file previously? < Case studies if available. >

Email Legislation Explained

Written by John McCabe

European Email Legislation in 5 minutes!

There has been a lot has been talk overrepparttar last couple of years - particularly sincerepparttar 109570 August 2000 Distance Selling Directive did not giverepparttar 109571 direct marketing industry sufficiently clear guidelines about opt-in and opt-out status in respect of email usage.

At that point it was left to individual EU Member States to ensure that Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE) are only sent where there is no clear objection fromrepparttar 109572 consumer. This ambiguity leftrepparttar 109573 way clear forrepparttar 109574 dubious spamming practices we have all witnessed overrepparttar 109575 last couple of years.

Following persistent lobbying from pressure groups, MEP's and responsible email marketers,repparttar 109576 EU Parliament finally moved in mid 2002 to clarifyrepparttar 109577 position in favour of gaining explicit consent from email users. Opt-in email marketing will becomerepparttar 109578 standard followingrepparttar 109579 second reading ofrepparttar 109580 EU Directive 2002/58/EC and its subsequent adoption later this year. So in practical terms, what does it mean whenrepparttar 109581 Directive is adopted inrepparttar 109582 UK? In a nutshell, it boils down to a couple of points: -

1. " is justified to require that prior explicit consent ofrepparttar 109583 recipients is obtained before such communications are addressed to them." This could not be clearer - opt-in isrepparttar 109584 only legitimate form of email marketing left available torepparttar 109585 direct marketing industry. Providing a simple opt-out mechanism will now no longer be sufficient to ensure legitimacy.

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