Email Laws That Could Bring You to Jail Even if You're Not Spamming

Written by Mohamad Zaki Hussein

First things first, I'm not a legal expert and so this article DOES NOT represent any legal or professional information and nor can I guarantee its accuracy. I only wrote this article to introduce you to these email laws that might affect us, email marketers.

OK, so what're these email laws?

They'rerepparttar Child Protection Registry laws that have been taken into effect inrepparttar 149133 State of Michigan and Utah.

These laws established "Do Not Email" registries into which individuals or institutions that primarily serve minors can enter minors' email addresses or any email address to which minors may have access. Institutions or entities that primarily serve minors can also register their entire domain names.

People are prohibited by these laws from sending email torepparttar 149134 addresses that have been inrepparttar 149135 registries for 30 days or more ifrepparttar 149136 email contains material or link to material that is illegal for minors. And it doesn't matter whetherrepparttar 149137 email is solicited or unsolicited, you still can't send such email.

You might think thatrepparttar 149138 materials must be something obvious such as pornography, gambling, alcohol, etc. Yes, but they're only part ofrepparttar 149139 materials.

The other part consists of less obvious stuff, namely stuff that looks fine, but might be illegal for minors because minors are prohibited by law from viewing, receiving, participating, possessing, or purchasing this stuff. This includes automotive sales, financial services such as credit card, etc.

And according torepparttar 149140 Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy, these laws apply to almost all people inrepparttar 149141 United States and even those outsiderepparttar 149142 United States who have a physical presence inrepparttar 149143 United States. (see

So, imagine you have some email addresses in your list that happen to be already inrepparttar 149144 "do not email" registry for 30 days, but you're not aware of them. And one day, you send an email that contains a link to a webpage that has some Adsense ads that advertise some automotive sales, guess what may happen to you?

Configuring Email Addresses

Written by Stephen Cope

When configuring an email client it is important to set uprepparttar correct email addresses. Here we will look at email address set up that is generally applicable to all email clients (outlook express, IncrediMail) and all email providers -POP3 mailboxes, Yahoo email, Msn Hotmail

When you set up an email client like outlook express for accessing POP3 mailboxes, Yahoo email, Msn Hotmail or any other service provider you will be confronted with a screen asking for display name, email address,reply address.

The important fields are :

Display Name: This is usually your name or nickname and will appear on your email inrepparttar 148797 from address. Inrepparttar 148798 Example above steve

Email Address: This isrepparttar 148799 email address given to you by your email provider. Inrepparttar 148800 example above steve@....... (left bank here because of email harvesting). The email address is usually associated with a physical mailbox.

Reply address: This isrepparttar 148801 email address Thatrepparttar 148802 recipient will reply to and is either blank or set torepparttar 148803 same address asrepparttar 148804 Email address-The effect isrepparttar 148805 same. Inrepparttar 148806 example above it is set to berepparttar 148807 same asrepparttar 148808 Email address.

Reply Address Different From Email

Normally you set uprepparttar 148809 email and reply address to berepparttar 148810 same. There is however a case for setting them to be different and that is normally when you have changed email providers but have retained your old email address. In order to retain your email address you need to ownrepparttar 148811 domain name and this is covered in more detail in a guide to email addresses and lifetime email addresses. Assuming for now that your addresses are as follows:



lifetime email address:

You would set up your email client (outlook express , IncrediMail) as follows:

Set up for old ISP

DISplay Name: steve

Email Address:

Reply address:

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