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Written by Christopher

You can hire a web designer to create a web page newsletter complete with Sales message for your widgets, then all you need to do is send it out to thousands of email addresses, and you can make millions overnight right?

Er, wrong! So, you have this fantastic advertisment, and you have to send it out to every nut with a PC. Yep, well you can do that, but I’d seriously reconsider that action. For starters this campaign will be untargeted, and most will hitrepparttar delete button as they didn’t request it inrepparttar 109497 first place – and you aren’t going to make any money by annoying anyone.

You really have to be careful when sending out those mails, because one mistake, one tiny little error with your etiquette, and bye bye to any first contact and chance of doing business. You see an inbox is a very personal thing, most keep only 1 box, and this is for both their business correspondence and personal mail. They should get a separate box forrepparttar 109498 spam type stuff – then userepparttar 109499 spam address in those silly, naff places inrepparttar 109500 net – but they DON’T.

Just place yourself in their shoes for one moment, your sitting there, and suddenly ding dong!!!!! You have 2 ofrepparttar 109501 same email arrive, selling some sexual product you no way on earth asked for, so you delete it and hope it never comes back, but it does.

It’s irritating right. You could reply, but by replying you are giving them your address, then again it may have just been a simple send error by them – so you don’t unsubscribe after all. I mean what’srepparttar 109502 harm, it’s only 2 emails okay……

Now multiply that by 20 every week. 40 spam emails every week (and that’s nothing!) that you spend time deleting, blocking and unsubscribing from. Phew!

So what’srepparttar 109503 answer, increase anti spam laws, go torepparttar 109504 trouble of changing that email address again etc. I don’t think there is one,repparttar 109505 net is too big to control something like this. It’s a case of put up with it, and block what you can coming through.

It’s not justrepparttar 109506 junk that fills an inbox. Mistakes have a lot to answer for, but you can stop sending it yourself, and preventing some ofrepparttar 109507 damage being done. We all accidently spam people. What! Yes, we do actually. All you need to do is hold down that send button twice oops, I just sent spam. So be careful when you are tap tap tapping away. But what is spam? No – it’s not that sickly luncheon meat stuff. Spam is unwanted mail. Er, butrepparttar 109508 word is so overused, mainly as I think people don’t bother thinking before they speak, and if they’ve had a bad day or had a lot of recent spam – they’ll just label everything as SPAM, it’s a frustration thing lol.

Spam Filters & Blockers: The solution to unsolicited email?

Written by Anti Spam League

Spam is a term that, forrepparttar vast majority of us, has a very negative connotation. How could it be different whenrepparttar 109496 average Internet user gets over 50 pieces of junk email per day? Moreover, research indicates that by 2006repparttar 109497 average internet user can expect to receive at least 5,000 pieces of spam per year. That sure is a giant amount of spam!

None of us want to waste our time, our bandwidth and our hard drive space to receive spam and then delete it. Because our day-to-day lives are delayed, interrupted and significantly disturbed by this large number of unsolicited email, software manufacturers have developed a number of products especially designed to fight spam. These products might be called ‘spam filters’, ‘anti spam filters’, ‘e-mail filters’, ‘spam blockers’ and even ‘spam killers’. Regardless ofrepparttar 109498 name, their purpose remainsrepparttar 109499 same: to eliminaterepparttar 109500 spam in your inbox. We have not yet seen a spam filter that achieves 100% accuracy butrepparttar 109501 latest products launched intorepparttar 109502 market as well asrepparttar 109503 newest versions of existing products are proving to be more and more successful. In case you are wondering specifically what these products do and how they do it, you should know that a spam filter is a program that - web based, server based or installed locally - prevents spam email from being downloaded to your PC. The spam filter itself operates onrepparttar 109504 basis of rules, which means thatrepparttar 109505 spam fighting program will examine your incoming email and match it against a set of pre-defined criteria. Ifrepparttar 109506 email does not match those rules, then it is either: a) Deleted, or b) Quarantined for Review. There are three basic types of traditional anti-spam software: 1) Plug-ins for email clients - These anti spam programs run on your computer and require all received spam to be downloaded before they start sorting it. 2) Standalone applications - These spam blockers also run on your computer and communicate withrepparttar 109507 email server multiple times each hour to check your POP mailbox for spam and delete it. They constantly run inrepparttar 109508 background, using up resources and bandwidth. 3) Server-based email spam filters - Many ISPs and email servers (Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) have installed email filtering software that scans email for certain triggers, which may include certain phrases, formatting, and aggressive writing styles. A server based spam filter is designed to examinerepparttar 109509 email being sent to your Internet Service Provider or local area network and to filter it effectively beforerepparttar 109510 email is delivered to you. When this works, it works effectively, however it is not perfect. Unfortunately, many unfair marketers have learned to fool spam filters while a lot of legitimate emails are blocked by them. Ofrepparttar 109511 spam filters that are onrepparttar 109512 market atrepparttar 109513 momentrepparttar 109514 vast majority of them need to be installed to your hard drive. However, there is a move towards spam filters that do allrepparttar 109515 work online beforerepparttar 109516 email ever gets to your computer. Most of today’s email applications come with a basic spam filter that allows you to block email from specific addresses. Some more complicated email software allows you to configure rules just for that software itself. This can get pretty complex pretty quickly! But people who suffer from tons of spam want a simple solution to their problem - not more headaches. On this note, one ofrepparttar 109517 most popular PC-based spam solutions onrepparttar 109518 market today is Mailwasher Pro, which has a really nice feature that allows you to send a reply torepparttar 109519 spammer that mimics a ‘mailer daemon’ error message; that is, whenrepparttar 109520 spammer gets this message from you he assumes your email address no longer exists. Simple but effective.

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