Email Don't Get No Respect!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Is there any doubt that ecommerce and a presence onrepparttar web has become de rigueur for every business, large or small?

I submit that there is no longer any doubt that clients and customers expect that every legitimate business must have, atrepparttar 109686 very least, a "business-card" web site listing contact information, business location and a simple "about us" page, along with a contact email link or web form.

I don't think anyone can argue any longer that only certain types of businesses belong onrepparttar 109687 web. Only two years ago, it was still being actively debated whether that were true. No longer canrepparttar 109688 burger joint be without a menu and operating hours posted online. No longer does any corporation believe it needn't have an intranet for suppliers and employees.

No longer can evenrepparttar 109689 self-employed claim they can't benefit from a place to post their resume. Even families have sites to keeprepparttar 109690 relatives and friends informed and stay in touch.

Now many will claim that their web presence does little toward helping them to profit in their business. That is an entirely different issue and I'll go even further and call profit irrelevant to having a web site. Just as profit is unrelated to whether that business has a phone, fax machine, computer, desks, chairs and indoor plumbing. Those are expected, no, required, to a business in order to operate AS a business.

So too isrepparttar 109691 web presence, a domain name, email address and an employee (even if that's you) to handle and respond to email, answerrepparttar 109692 phone, emptyrepparttar 109693 trash and cleanrepparttar 109694 bathroom. Your business is expected to have a web presence, period. End of discussion.

Now to responsibilities related to that web presence. I've been discussing building a site for an attorney friend for two years. She hates email and doesn't want to be responsible for answering it or dealing with anyone electronically. Her legal secretary usesrepparttar 109695 web daily to research and communicate with clients but knows not to discuss that withrepparttar 109696 attorney and has told me in confidence that her boss despises email and will have nothing to do withrepparttar 109697 web. I may as well give it up.

I'm going to suggest that this kind of phobia will need to come to an end for all those who expect to get on inrepparttar 109698 wired world. Get over it, get a web site and answer your email! Grow up! You needn't carry a web-enabled personal digital assistant cell phone (yet) to maintain your appointment calendar and can still scribble notes on scraps of paper if you like. You needn't do your business banking online or own a Blackberry wireless but get a web site and answer your email!


Written by Meredith Pond

Whether at home, at work, or elsewhere, chances are you have access to an email account. In this day and age of online communication and connectivity, email has emerged as a free, convenient, and instantaneous alternative to traditional letters and postcards.

Along withrepparttar convenience and speed of email, however, comesrepparttar 109685 added potential for mistakes in typing, grammar, and spelling. Just like you'd carefully re-read a handwritten letter before sending it off, any email communication you send should be read through carefully before hitting that send button.

Especially if your message is business related, you need to be sure that your information is accurate,repparttar 109686 recipient's name is exactly right, and your spelling and grammar are correct. Of course, it's possible that your recipient won't noticerepparttar 109687 errors, but when it comes down to your business, do you really want to take that chance?

Most modern email programs are equipped with a spell check. If you haven't noticed one inrepparttar 109688 program you're using, chances are you just haven't looked hard enough. Look carefully under your tools and options menus to make sure you haverepparttar 109689 spell check enabled.

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