Email Advertising Doesn't Get Any Cheaper Than This

Written by Micah D. Cranma

What isrepparttar most powerful marketing tool a web site owner has? I'll give you a hint - it's not banner advertising! It's e-mail - nothing else even comes close.

Have you ever really considered just how many people use e- mail? There are millions upon millions of people out there who, if they're anything like me, just plain love to get e-mail and communicate with others using this wonderful medium. Part ofrepparttar 109675 beauty of e-mail is that people pay attention to e-mail. People will actually read your advertisements if they're mixed with information that's valuable to them. E-mail isrepparttar 109676 ultimate marketing tool.

How to Harnessrepparttar 109677 Power ---------------------------

"Great," you say, "but how do I use this 'awesome power?'" There are an unbelievable number of innovative and really effective ways to use e-mail to advertise yourself and your business onrepparttar 109678 Internet, but forrepparttar 109679 scope of this article, we're going to focus on one.

E-mail Signatures --------------------------

E-mail signatures, or "sigs," are one ofrepparttar 109680 easiest and most effective ways for an Internet marketer to promote his web site (or other people's sites, for that matter.) For those of you who don't know what an e-mail signature is, here's an example of one I use on a daily basis:

Sincerely, Micah D. Cranman Sybren Design

======================================== Would you like to taprepparttar 109681 money making potential ofrepparttar 109682 Internet with a powerful website? If so, contact Sybren today for a FREE consultation! | | 770-971-9868 ========================================

(NOTE: Signatures can also be an effective tool when used in newsgroups, discussion groups, or message boards. Use them anywhere possible!)

Signatures can be easily set up in any e-mail program that's worth something, and usually very easily. Just look inrepparttar 109683 "help" section or browse aroundrepparttar 109684 program menus and you should be able to figure out how to set them up pretty quickly. I personally use Microsoft Outlook Express, and have found it to be totally sufficient for my needs. ( Others swear by Qualcomm's Eudora Pro, ( and still others by other programs. Just pick one that suits your needs.

Now, there are three key components to a signature, each with a different purposes:

1. The closing ofrepparttar 109685 letter - this isrepparttar 109686 first four lines you see inrepparttar 109687 signature above. It's purpose is two-fold: to avoid having to type a closing to save time (which can really add up if you get a lot of e- mail), and to provide information about yourself, and possibly, some contact information.

2. The advertisement - this is where you try to generate interest for whatever you're trying to promote inrepparttar 109688 recipient ofrepparttar 109689 e- mail. It should in someway catchrepparttar 109690 reader's eye or stir up some emotion that will impel them to act. (Note: FREE works especially well as an attention grabber. Try to offer something free in your signature.) This "ad" of sorts should be no more than 5 or 6 lines long, and should probably be separated in some way fromrepparttar 109691 rest of your message, as seen above.

Forms: The next level in e-mail communication!

Written by Raphael Pirker

Everyone knows that communication is an essential part when you want to make profit online. It sometimes takes up to 10 follow-ups through e-mail to actually make a sale from your site, sincerepparttar visitor hasrepparttar 109674 choice between many similar products or services. I've seen people provide a link to their e-mail address and wait forrepparttar 109675 questions to roll in. Are you doingrepparttar 109676 same? Then consider changing that rapidly. Why? There are 8 reasons why you should switch to Forms right now:

1. The Forms are easier to fill out for your visitor 2. The visitor can ask his questions more targeted sine Forms limitrepparttar 109677 questions he can ask 3. You can answerrepparttar 109678 questions more quickly becauserepparttar 109679 questions are more specific and structured 4. Forms allow you to track what questions are asked more often than others because Form-inquiries can be archived more easily in databases than plain e-mails 5. Thanks to Forms you can have different types of inquiries sent to different e-mail addresses all on one Form. This allows you to assign each question to a certain category and respond accordingly 6. Forms can buildrepparttar 109680 Subscriber-base of your products-announcement newsletter. How? Have you ever seen those "Yes, I want to receive product updates" questions inside Forms? 7. Because Forms requirerepparttar 109681 user to be specific, in some cases you can answerrepparttar 109682 questions, point to FAQs or simply notify that you'll be answering his request shortly using Autoresponders 8. Personalization accompanied with Automation. While there are many e-mail Autoresponder systems available onrepparttar 109683 market, which one allows you to addressrepparttar 109684 visitor with his name? Or furthermore, which one gives yourepparttar 109685 opportunity to use any other information ofrepparttar 109686 actual inquiry inrepparttar 109687 Autoresponder? Any simple Autoresponder that works together with a Form can do this and more!

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