Elvis Has Left the Building but Elvis is NOT Dead

Written by Elvis Preston King

Elvis has been spotted at hamburger joints just about all overrepparttar US. Lately he has been seen in different parts ofrepparttar 139333 world. He was spotted in Eastern Europe. Elvis was spotted in Russia at a sidewalk cafe. In Romania Elvis was spotted in an internet cafe emailing some of his girlfriends from aroundrepparttar 139334 world. In Hungary he has a young buddy named Andrew whose handle onrepparttar 139335 internet is Red Priest . (Seems Elvis has learned how to userepparttar 139336 internet!!! Inrepparttar 139337 Dominican Republic he was seen talking to his favorite internet celebrity Elvis Preston King. Elvis Preston King isrepparttar 139338 world’s number 1 playboy on earth. Elvis Aaron Presley is fascinated with how a guy who is not famous can lay all those girls!

If you look close you can see he is Elvis. He has new trick to hide his identity. He has let his hair grow out to its natural dirty blonde color which is now mostly all gray. Then he high lights it with a golden blonde color. Oh and he has also lost some weight he has dropped back to about 220 pounds but age is taking it’s toll on Elvis Aaron Presley. Oh yes he is pissed off about that. But he loves his life WITHOUT fame. He goes on cruises. He goes torepparttar 139339 movies. He goes to amusement parks and he has lots of girlfriends that Elvis Preston King has set him up with! You might not know it, but Elvis Aaron Presley is a little shy and Elvis Preston King is justrepparttar 139340 compliment Elvis Aaron Presley needs. They get a long great

What Happens In Las Vegas, Happens Everywhere!

Written by Robert LaGrone

What Happens In Las Vegas, Happens Everywhere!

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Gambling, drinking, and lust:repparttar Las Vegas Philharmonic ended its 2004-2005 season with musical works reflecting our city’s three core values..

Onrepparttar 139216 Town is a 1944 Broadway musical (and later a movie) whose songs were written by legendary American composer Leonard Bernstein. The Philharmonic opened with three dance tunes from this story of three sailors looking for action while on liberty in New York. Lively, jazzy, and stylish,repparttar 139217 songs perfectly embodyrepparttar 139218 vibrant energy ofrepparttar 139219 great city. Onrepparttar 139220 other hand,repparttar 139221 plot sounds like most bachelor parties right here in Vegas.

Poker, anyone? In 1936 Igor Stravinsky wrote Jeu de Cartes (“the card game”). In this beautifully orchestrated “ballet in three deals,”repparttar 139222 queens do a flirtatious dance andrepparttar 139223 pompous joker makes recurring mischief before being ultimately defeated by a royal flush. As in Samuel Barber’s tone poem about Prometheus,repparttar 139224 music describes a scene and action, but while Stravinsky’s music makes for great listening, I often couldn’t tellrepparttar 139225 queen fromrepparttar 139226 joker. Remind me to stay out ofrepparttar 139227 casinos around here.

Bejeezus: n. 1. a spirit of calm and safety existing within most humans and just waiting to be scared out.

If you’ve heardrepparttar 139228 first part of Carmina Burana on classical radio stations or in movie soundtracks, you’ve probably also heard it replayed in your worst nightmares. “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi,” isrepparttar 139229 apocalyptic opening that cries out, “Monstrous fate . . . you plot against me by trickery, so that my naked back is exposed to your lashes.” Imagine those words belted out in Latin by a chorus of almost one hundred people fromrepparttar 139230 Las Vegas Master Singers and Las Vegas Philharmonic Chorus, backed byrepparttar 139231 orchestra with five booming tympani drums. When “Fortuna” ended, I was still too riveted to snicker atrepparttar 139232 audience member who brokerepparttar 139233 inter-movement silence by exclaiming, “Wow!”

It may not surprise you to learn thatrepparttar 139234 lyrics of Carl Orff’s 1936 masterwork are taken from poems written in a Bavarian monastery inrepparttar 139235 Middle Ages. (The title means “Songs ofrepparttar 139236 Benediktbeuren.”) The twist is thatrepparttar 139237 poems — written mostly in Latin, with bits of Old German and Old French — are satirical and quite pagan, and they deal mostly with themes of gambling, drinking, and springtime lust. Some dreams arerepparttar 139238 same all over.

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