Eliminate Property Taxes & Public Schools

Written by Shirley deLong

February 11, 2005

“AMERICA - WE HAVE A PROBLEM!” It’s time to eliminate public schools as they are ‘nothing’ but endless money pits! Therefore, it’s time to eliminate property taxes! What’s wrong withrepparttar “old-fashioned” school ways when there were 28 to 30 kids in one (1) class with one (1) teacher and yet kids actually learned how to add, subtract, read, draw, and, yes, respect themselves andrepparttar 113462 authority figures over them. I’m talking aboutrepparttar 113463 “old-fashioned” Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and Principals and not this “Modern” ever so changing - can’t make up their argumentative minds Politicians and School Board Members “that makerepparttar 113464 statements like “Merger of Schools and Redistricting won’t go away!” Would someone, with some common sense, let me know why we have to change what was working with our schools, back inrepparttar 113465 “Old-fashioned” days? Does anyone understand thatrepparttar 113466 kids, including myself, back inrepparttar 113467 “Good ole days” were brought up to have prayer in school (and, yes, there were several backgrounds of religion in our schools then), to have morals, principles, common sense, and values. All of us are now Professionals and Business Owners who are trying to figure out whyrepparttar 113468 Politicians and Board Members think that “THEIR WAY” isrepparttar 113469 only way our children and grandchildren learn! Guess what, Folks, you need to go bury your head back intorepparttar 113470 sand! It is a proven fact that what you are doing torepparttar 113471 kids of today is absolutely not working. PERIOD! As I have said before and I will keep repeating it “Our Children and Grandchildren are

NoInvaders.Org Proves to be "Interesting" and "Useful" in its Debut

Written by Jim Wood

The immigration reform Web site "NoInvaders.Org" recently saw an escalation of Internet traffic on February 9, with an increase from 9 visits a day to 275 visits, and is maintaining a high traffic count daily thanks mostly to a press release sent in January to over 100 newspapers nationwide. The portal takes onrepparttar unenviable task of publishing six directories including complaints of immigration violations, those who hire illegal aliens, and a "Good Employer" directory for those who userepparttar 113461 Basic Pilot Verification program to screen employee candidates for legal residency. A substantial number of visitors are identified as U.S government employees, and most notably,repparttar 113462 Department of Homeland Security, whose e-mail addresses end in "dhs.gov". Responses have been over 90% positive with many discussion board postings, recommended media sources, articles, and a plethora of "Bad Employer" contributions were made usingrepparttar 113463 employer sanctions database from cis.org. No threats were received but are anticipated as they are "protocol" for immigration reform Web sites. As founder and sole employee, I was interviewed by George Putnam on January 31 on L.A. radio's "Talk Back" and hope to pursue many radio interviews inrepparttar 113464 future, as talk radio seems to be infatuated in reportingrepparttar 113465 truth about illegal immigration. Dozens of people have signed up for my newsletter, who could be asked to e-mail radio personalities like KFI Los Angeles hosts "John and Ken" in order to request a future interview.

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