Elevator: Going Up!

Written by Dave Balch

The other day I was in a pizza place and struck up a conversation withrepparttar owner. He mentioned that he had a home business in addition to that restaurant and it was doing very well.

"Great! Tell me about it!"

He proceeded, forrepparttar 117844 next five minutes, to explain. It was onrepparttar 117845 Internet. Doctors and lawyers are doing this as a side business and are doing very, very well. He said "It's a sort of mall onrepparttar 117846 Internet, you should check it out." He gave merepparttar 117847 web address and then he had to tend to a customer.

I had no idea what he did.

Can you explain your business clearly to a complete stranger in 20 seconds or less? Can you do it in such a way that, if they are in a position to use your product or service they will want to know more? If not, you have some work to do!

Whenever and wherever you go you will meet potential customers, and you may not have much time to talk to them. If you cannot clearly explain your business in a very short time, you could lose an opportunity to interest someone in what you do; someone that would be a good prospect if they knew.

This is commonly referred-to as an "elevator speech". Why? Because if you got on an elevator with someone and, onrepparttar 117848 way up, they asked, "What do you do?" you would only have a few seconds to tell them before one of you reached your floor.

Do You Really Own Your Web Business?

Written by Randy Brooks

So you have finally finished all ofrepparttar hard work of getting your web business up and running.

You have a professional looking website, you have your logo prominently displayed for your customers to know who you are.

You have foundrepparttar 117843 right product or service and have actually started making a profit.

But you have forgotten one last very important step.

You did not check to see if there were any other businesses with a similar name to your web business.

This could be a very costly mistake on your part.

If you happen to have a name that isrepparttar 117844 same as another website or business you could possibly find yourself in a heap of trouble.

Or you may come to find out that there is another website or business that is usingrepparttar 117845 same name as you inrepparttar 117846 same type industry.

If this isrepparttar 117847 case, you stand to lose profits as well as credibility.

So how do you protect yourself from this potential disaster?

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