Elements of a good Ad Objective

Written by Smiley George

Ad is a powerful tool. It's an indispensable and crucial form of communication seen as an influencing factor on consumers. It attempts to control human and purchasing behavior by appealing to human conscience and emotions. Ad isrepparttar soul of any surviving business, an activity engaged intentionally/unintentionally by us all.

1.Measurability: It is only a fool (am not trying to be arrogant, neither am I one), that will embark on a project without first measuringrepparttar 140243 cost. Before placing an Ad, what you want to achieve must be specified in quantifiable terms as it serves as a benchmark to its attainments.

2.Realistic: Who isrepparttar 140244 person that talked about building castle inrepparttar 140245 air? What good is it going to pay an Advertiser for embarking on a WHITE ELEPHANT ad? Setting unattainable Ad objective is like an individual without a plan and also planning to fail. Yours' might be to sustain your goodwill. Or increase sales or may be adding torepparttar 140246 numbers of your customers likerepparttar 140247 Telecomm/ Financial institutions.

Latino Television Programs Fill a Void in Hispanic Advertising; While Advertisers Look to Attract the Young U.S. Born Latino Consumer

Written by Louis Victor

Advertisers that are beginning to focus onrepparttar young Hispanic market have been given a gift inrepparttar 140146 form of Latino television programming. Now mind you itís not your typical Latino television programming that you would find on Univsion, this programming is geared towardsrepparttar 140147 large and most overlooked demographic, U.S. born Latinos.

Advertisers craverepparttar 140148 buying power ofrepparttar 140149 Hispanic market,repparttar 140150 largest minority group inrepparttar 140151 United States today. Butrepparttar 140152 problem is that they are limited in their knowledge ofrepparttar 140153 Latino community. While they are looking for different types of media to use to hit this desirable market and have their agencies working overtime onrepparttar 140154 creative end, they are still missingrepparttar 140155 point.

They are not hitting their intended market, but that has been made much easier for them. They received a gift fromrepparttar 140156 television world inrepparttar 140157 form of AIM Tell-A-Vision, a distributor of English language Latino television programming. Too often advertisers specially create an ad campaign in Spanish to hitrepparttar 140158 young U.S. Latino market and by doing that they are shortchanging their brand. As I have stated in various articles,repparttar 140159 U.S. Latino market is not a mystery, but advertisers have to go beyond their ad agency and do their own homework.

AIM Tell-A-Vision has made it easier for an advertiser to hit this desirable market by developing various English language programs such as UrbanLatino Television, American Latino Television, Sonidos and Latination. This programming is developed especially to attract young U.S. born Latinos that speak English, which represents over two thirds ofrepparttar 140160 Hispanic market here inrepparttar 140161 United States.

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