Elements, Qualities & Temperaments

Written by Lynda Filer

Today we are looking at our Sun Signs a little more closely. Most of us knowrepparttar general characteristics of our Sun Sign, but by looking closely atrepparttar 122443 Elements, Qualities and Temperaments ofrepparttar 122444 different Sun Signs we gain a better understanding of them.

It must also be remembered that although your Sun Sign is a major part of your natal chart there are other planets in your natal chart that do also have a significant impact. It could be that although you have your Sun in Aires which is a Cardinal Fire sign with a Male Temperament, your chart on a whole could show a heavy tendency more towards Water signs with a Female Temperament. If this isrepparttar 122445 case you are going to exhibit more of these tendencies as a whole.

AIRES - Cardinal, Fire, Male

TAURUS - Fixed, Earth, Female

GEMINI - Mutual, Air, Male

CANCER - Cardinal, Water, Female

LEO - Fixed, Fire, Male

VIRGO - Mutable, Earth, Female

LIBRA - Cardinal, Air, Male

SCORPIO - Fixed, Water, Female

SAGITTARIUS - Mutable, Fire, Male

CAPRICORN - Cardinal, Earth, Female

AQUARIUS - Fixed, Air, Male

PISCES - Mutable, Water, Female


The twelve astrological signs are broken up into four different Elements (or Triplicities). These Elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each Element has a sign from each ofrepparttar 122446 Qualities in it.


The Fire signs are Aires (Cardinal), Leo (Fixed) and Sagittarius (Mutable). These signs arerepparttar 122447 go-getters. They are enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic. Their nature is warm and kind although they have a fiery temperament when things are not going their way.


The Earth signs are Taurus (Fixed), Virgo (Mutable) and Capricorn (Cardinal). As you may well imagine, these signs are often described as beingrepparttar 122448 salt ofrepparttar 122449 earth type as well as being known for their earthy and sensual nature. They are reliable, dependable and stable. Security is very important to these signs.


The Air signs are Gemini (Mutable), Libra (Cardinal) and Aquarius (Fixed). These signs are characterized by their need for intellectual stimulation. These signs may often be referred to by others as being rather "airy-fairy" or of having their head inrepparttar 122450 clouds. Communication is important to these signs andrepparttar 122451 intellectual overrepparttar 122452 emotional is often emphasized.

Mercury - Planet of Communication

Written by Lynda Filer

In Mythology, Mercury or Hermes served as a messenger torepparttar gods. He was responsible forrepparttar 122442 spreading of news and was known for his intelligence, wit and charm. As such Mercury in our natal chart shows us how we communicate with others, and how we think and rationalize. Mercury is associated withrepparttar 122443 signs Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury in Aires

Aires in Mercury gives you a quick and intelligent intellect. You can have a rather aggressive and argumentative attitude, someone who likes to stir things up and cause controversy forrepparttar 122444 mere sake of doing it.

You think well on your feet and are likely to be rather innovative in your thinking. Deep methodical analysis of data is not your forte, you want to make a decision and move on torepparttar 122445 next challenge. Decisive and a straight shooter, you have little patience for others that like to take their time in reaching a decision.

Although witty and charming when you want to be, you can be very intolerant of others and may need to guard against coming off as being too arrogant.

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus is practical and often conservative in its thinking. You are likely to be good with money and in managing resources in general. You are one of these people that tends to learn more from doing than from academic study. Taurus in Mercury is renowned for their plain common sense attitude.

You may take a long time to come to a decision as you are notrepparttar 122446 sort to just say things offrepparttar 122447 cuff. Anything worthy of your attention is likely to be examined from all sides and deeply pondered before you commit yourself to an opinion.

Once your mind is made up there is little anyone can do to sway you or change your mind. Mercury in Taurus can be downright stubborn on occasions too, refusing to listen to reason even after they have discovered thatrepparttar 122448 decision that they reached is wrong.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini is quick and intelligent. Your conversational style is articulate and witty. You are intensely interested in everything, insatiably curious and a dabbler in all things.

Naturally quick at picking things up and learning new skills, your main problem will be keeping your attention on a subject long enough to truly excel at it. You are likely to be have a natural aptitude for language and mathematics.

You are a reasoned logical thinker, and may at times need to remember to takerepparttar 122449 emotional side into account as well, as not everything is purely dependent on logic alone. Your need to experience all you can learn may lead to frazzled nerves and it would do you good to learn to relax and take time out a little more.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer is a very intuitive and emotional placement. You are very sympathetic to others and make a great listener. Your ability to empathize with others though may lead you to suffer unnecessarily, as you tend to take on other peoples problems as if they were your own. You need to realise that your sympathy and concern are what your friends need, not for you to take onrepparttar 122450 burden for them.

Your family and friends are exceptionally important to you and for your feeling of well-being. You are loyal, patriotic and are likely to have an innate love and respect of history. You have a very good memory and tend to learn best by example.

Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo is a strong minded and opinionated thinker. You are likely to have a dramatic flair about you in both written and oral speech that makes others pay attention to you. You have natural leadership skills and this shows through inrepparttar 122451 way that you express yourself and handle problems.

You have a far reaching and humanistic approach to problems, able to mediate between groups when necessary. Others usually respect you and you find this rather gratifying.

The tendency here can be to sometimes look at problems in too general terms and not concentrate onrepparttar 122452 individual logistics. There may be a tendency towards arrogance if you are not challenged in any way. You may even fall into a trap of intellectual laziness if you are not stimulated enough by differing opinions.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo is analytical and logical. You are a person that needs order in your life to function at your optimum. Disorder and chaos not only distract but seem to effect your equilibrium.

Your need to check and double check that things are exactly as they should be can sometimes be misinterpreted as a lack of confidence. You arerepparttar 122453 type of person that always gives 100% of your effort. To you, this also means ensuring that no measure has been overlooked and no detail omitted.

You are likely to be involved in a career where this precision and attention to detail is needed and rewarded.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra is well balanced and works best in harmonious environments. Unnecessary friction or aggressiveness will offend Libra and they are likely to avoid contact if at all possible. Unless their sense of fairness is offended they are unlikely to cause any scenes, preferring to retire than deal with an inharmonious atmosphere.

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