Electable Ralph

Written by Ed Howes

Hey President Nader! Won't you introduce us to your running mate? We expect you might have a team player in mind. The democratic nominee? Let's see a team effort to multiply electability. Run with your team. We know who we'd get with George Bush and don't care who we'd get with John Kerry.

Here isrepparttar opportunity for which more than half of America has been waiting. America's best hope to dump corporate government andrepparttar 125997 two party stranglehold. A true Independent candidate for millions of Independent voters. Voters who dared not hope for any meaningful change as a result of this November election. A candidate who could winrepparttar 125998 election with just over one third ofrepparttar 125999 vote. A candidate who will speak for disaffected and disenfranchised Americans.

Try to imagine a President who will veto every corporate give away Congress passes, for four to eight years. Ralph is a spoiler all right. Not for Democrats who thought electability was all that mattered; but for all of us who have had enough ofrepparttar 126000 puppets of corporate money. We know Ralph is no friend of corporate power and this is his main reason for providing America an alternative. Thank you Ralph! America is indebted for your patriotism. You have redefinedrepparttar 126001 word for us.

I recently wrote it would be worth a twenty year effort to empower third parties to compete withrepparttar 126002 good buddy, just us, Democans in Washington, D.C. Imagine how an Independent, no party President could advance that cause in four years. Mayberepparttar 126003 partyrepparttar 126004 American people have been catering is nearly over.

Democrats lostrepparttar 126005 White House in 2000,repparttar 126006 minute their electable candidate called George Bush and conceded a close election, beforerepparttar 126007 votes were counted or contested. Because Democrats can't see or appreciaterepparttar 126008 truth that they had backed a quitter, they blamed a Republican court and Ralph Nader forrepparttar 126009 Bush victory. Now they are blaming Ralph for this year's defeat. It is good they can readrepparttar 126010 writing onrepparttar 126011 wall and proclaim it. Maybe having someone to blame is what matters most to Democrats. As long as they are out of power, they have plenty of people to blame. Let's give them what they want.

Democrats are supporting not their best candidate, butrepparttar 126012 one they are guessing can beat George Bush. Anybody but Bush they cry! John Kerry is an anybody - he'll do. He could not defeat President Bush if Ralph Nader did not run.

Ralph Nader just made a Kerry victory impossible and isrepparttar 126013 real and only alternative to our current President(s). The only candidate who can defeat him hem this election. This is precisely because he can splitrepparttar 126014 vote three ways, mobilizerepparttar 126015 youth, Independents, non voters and bring people torepparttar 126016 polls that are fed up with business as usual. That segment of America, over halfrepparttar 126017 electorate, can and probably will make Ralph Nader a shoe - in.

Democrats who supported Howard Dean should be backing Ralph. Democrats who supported Wesley Clark should be supporting Ralph. Those of us who would support Dennis Kucinich, can support Ralph Nader. I think Dennis might be an Independent pretending to be a Democrat. One who may be waiting until afterrepparttar 126018 convention to support Ralph. Wouldn't Dennis make a good Vice President?

Gods 401k plan

Written by John Anhalt

Asrepparttar starving slaves tend away at their cubicle farms, multi-national companies get fat on consumer desires. Investors fortify their crops forrepparttar 125996 season ahead garnering internal nutrients from CEO’s to assure their successful growth. Wait a minute, who is really benefiting from this? Only about five percent ofrepparttar 125997 world population is according to recent studies. The rest of us are left fighting for scraps fromrepparttar 125998 new harvest each year.

“Look Kobe, those silly earthlings are fighting again over those shiny yellow rocks and green paper”,repparttar 125999 extra-terrestrial Jessie Jack said observingrepparttar 126000 earth from his flying saucer. “I think they really like those gold chains”, Kobe responded. Seems silly, but somehow as a society, we’ve accepted that people will kill and be killed for those shiny rocks. Of course they don’t kill just forrepparttar 126001 rock, but whatrepparttar 126002 rock represents, power. Like any good basketball player asking forrepparttar 126003 ball will tell you, “Will you give uprepparttar 126004 rock already?”

The framers ofrepparttar 126005 U.S. constitution realized while creating our federal government, too much power by any one person or faction, leads torepparttar 126006 misery ofrepparttar 126007 many. This lesson, learned underrepparttar 126008 British rule, required several years of wars, and many lives to be lost. How many times must we forget our history? The model hasn’t changed. Why do we continue to forget our past mistakes? Well it’s simple, yet complex of course. We desire change, but we know it comes at a great cost.

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