Einstein on Connections

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Albert Einstein said "Creating a new theory is not like destroying an old barn and erecting a skyscraper in its place. It is rather like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views, discovering unexpected connections between our starting points and its rich environment. Butrepparttar point from which we started out still exists and can be seen, although it appears smaller and forms a tiny part of our broad view gained byrepparttar 124010 mastery ofrepparttar 124011 obstacles on our adventurous way up."

Much like our personal growth as we stretch from one stage of life to another.

As your view widens, you awaken yourself to exploring and discovering new paths. New avenues. New opportunities.

Awakening is being keenly alert. For me, it showed up something like this last Saturday. Walking slowly through Barnes and Noble, I catchrepparttar 124012 title of a book: Poetry.....by Michelangelo? While looking up a definition in a dictionary, I happen past another definition: Zephyr. (a warm, gentle breeze.) Never did I know its name though I have felt its comforting as I always felt a Zephyr was God whispering "Everything will be ok". And wasn't Albert Einstein a Scientist? Readingrepparttar 124013 above quote, I surmise he was also quite a philosopher.

It is takingrepparttar 124014 Barn and not destroying it to create something else. It is takingrepparttar 124015 knowledge and beauty ofrepparttar 124016 barn and applying its lesson, form, structure and artistry intorepparttar 124017 skyscraper (or museum, cathedral, home or bridge).

These bridges create links. That web that brings our past to ] our present and our present to our future. The invisible bond that unites us with classmates post graduation and colleagues from workplace to workplace after transfers, buyouts and mergers and entrepreneurialism intervenes. That magnetism that draws us. The energy ofrepparttar 124018 Renaissance whose changemakers studiedrepparttar 124019 lessons ofrepparttar 124020 Classic Roman and Greek eras and applied them to their transforming world.

Connectingrepparttar 124021 past torepparttar 124022 present andrepparttar 124023 present torepparttar 124024 future andrepparttar 124025 possibilities withrepparttar 124026 practicalities. As you grow,repparttar 124027 view gets both wider and deeper. Your mind understands more asrepparttar 124028 connections become more vast: like an endless highway stretching beyond your wildest imagination.

Yesterdayrepparttar 124029 road stretched out before us as we crisscrossed our home town. Going nowhere and anywhere we meandered along path fromrepparttar 124030 Northeast part of Bakersfield to Oildale and back to Northeast Bakersfield. Driving down Manor Street towards our Beloved Melodrama Musical Theatre I had a thought: I could start here in Bakersfield and drive literally anywhere in both North and South America.

I could start here, today, and take a trip allrepparttar 124031 way to Tierra del Fuego in South America and then hop a ship to Antarctica.

If that wasrepparttar 124032 true yearning of my heart, I could do exactly that. In my beloved Chevy Astrovan, our possibilities were limited only byrepparttar 124033 need to continually keeprepparttar 124034 engine filled and maintained as we keep our end goal in sight. Modifying, tweaking and adjusting alongrepparttar 124035 way we could transverserepparttar 124036 entire Pan American highway fromrepparttar 124037 frigid coldness of Alaska torepparttar 124038 warmth and jungles of Central and South America torepparttar 124039 familiar feeling climes of southern South America torepparttar 124040 frigid cold ofrepparttar 124041 other side ofrepparttar 124042 world.

I could start that journey in this moment from this place. Right here. Right now. Just as you can startrepparttar 124043 journey your heart is yearning to take. Right here, right now.

Looking to connections, links and bridges we noticerepparttar 124044 human body. We see how all its pieces work together:repparttar 124045 circulatory system is an amazingly complex structure which is actually comprised of three parts. Pulmonary circulation, coronary circulation and systemic circulation manage to collaborate to create and continue our lives.


Written by David Stoddard

When this year began, there were people in Florida digging through ballots upon ballots searching for chads they could count.

Nearrepparttar end of this year, a firefighter, police officer or just some guy named Chad stood up to be counted on that September day.

It was a year where we started out feeling so safe, secure and able to do anything we wanted. Then camerepparttar 124009 fears of opening envelopes, getting on planes or shopping inrepparttar 124010 malls. We realized so much of what we have, we take for granted.

It was a year whenrepparttar 124011 most important thing to television viewers was to either watch Friends and record Survivor, or watch Survivor and record friends on Thursday nights. Funny how that isrepparttar 124012 furthest thing from anyone's mind today.

It was a year where lines atrepparttar 124013 Red Cross to donate blood were longer than lines atrepparttar 124014 DMV, Post Office, License Bureau, fast food drive-throughs, express checkouts, toll booths and banks before Y2K – combined.

It was a year whenrepparttar 124015 World Series was more than just a game. It didn't really matter to most of us who won, as long asrepparttar 124016 games were played. Sentiment was withrepparttar 124017 Yankees andrepparttar 124018 city of New York. But our underdog spirit for a young team inrepparttar 124019 league likerepparttar 124020 Arizona Diamondbacks was just as strong.

It was a year whenrepparttar 124021 hot news story ofrepparttar 124022 year was US Congressman Gary Condit and his relationship with a Washington intern. So many of us were hoping that part ofrepparttar 124023 story would just go away. Guess we need to be more careful what we wish for.

On a more individual level…

It was a year when perhaps we lost someone near and dear to us whom we've known all our lives. Maybe we didn't getrepparttar 124024 chance to see them as often as we may have liked overrepparttar 124025 years, but we are glad to have known them. Likewise, maybe someone we never really cared for overrepparttar 124026 years left us, just as we were starting to understand them and ourselves.

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