Efficiency in the Office

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

Efficiency inrepparttar Office (435 words)

Nearly every office, be it commercial or home-based, may have areas of inefficiency that can be improved upon. We are not talking sales figures or profit margins or budgets, but inefficient waste and resource management. For instance, let us look at some common aspects and consider how consumption can be reduced and how to make better use of resources.

Not all paper work and receipts need to be shredded, but sometimes, forrepparttar 105342 sake of security, it is necessary. This shredded paper is recyclable or it can be contributed in layers to a compost or worm bin. It can also be donated to animal shelters or pet stores where it is used inrepparttar 105343 bottom of cages to help keep them clean. This will ease workloads on staff, keep operational costs down, andrepparttar 105344 animals are more comfortable in their cages. The animal waste along withrepparttar 105345 bedding is easily composted.

Technology now makes it possible to save paper on a daily basis by sending emails. Worth mentioning, isrepparttar 105346 time saved as compared to communicating viarepparttar 105347 postal system. When sending a fax, if possible, refrain from using a cover sheet. For efficient paper use atrepparttar 105348 photocopy machine, set it to automatically print pages on both sides. When making draft copies withrepparttar 105349 photocopier or printer, userepparttar 105350 reverse side of any suitable scrap paper. We keep a box of this paper handy for visiting children to color and draw upon. The blank side of any scrap paper can be used for shopping lists, reminder notes, game scoring, orrepparttar 105351 perpetual to do list(s) that we all have.

Water Conservation at the Kitchen Sink

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

Water Conservation atrepparttar Kitchen Sink (577 words)

It can sometimes be difficult to visualizerepparttar 105340 importance and direct effect that simple conservation efforts can have when we are bombarded with negative information regularly. Lets take a look at what a few changes inrepparttar 105341 activities aroundrepparttar 105342 kitchen sink can do.

Rather than runningrepparttar 105343 tap when cleaning vegetables, use a bowl of water. Later, reuse it to water outdoor plants. Reusing water from rinsing outrepparttar 105344 coffeepot for outdoor plants,repparttar 105345 compost or lawn is something we do allrepparttar 105346 time. Rich in nitrogen as well as some trace minerals, coffeepots should be diluted with water before using. Choose a different group of plants every day and you may find you no longer have to water or fertilize them very often at all. Cooking water (pasta, steamed vegetables, boiled potatoes etc.) can be used inrepparttar 105347 same way just let it cool first. All of these water sources contain extra nutrients that will aid your gardens immensely. Very hot cooking water can be used to kill weeds simply pour it directly onrepparttar 105348 weed and around its roots.

After meals, scrape your dishes intorepparttar 105349 compost bucket before rinsing. While rinsing, place other soiled dishes, jars and utensils underneath while you work; it will beginrepparttar 105350 presoaking process reducing labor and water use. Anything caught inrepparttar 105351 sink basket can be contributed torepparttar 105352 compost, too.

Save about 5 gallons of water per washing by doing dishes in a few inches of hot soapy water. It may seem funny to do this - but by turningrepparttar 105353 hot water tap on to rinserepparttar 105354 dishes intorepparttar 105355 sinkrepparttar 105356 level will slowly increase and will maintain a hot temperature. This way, another sink full of water solely for rinsing is no longer necessary. We sometimes use rinse water to pre-soak stuck on dishes as well.

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