Efficiency Equals Reduction

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

Efficiency Equals Reduction (400 words)

Imagine that if atrepparttar grocery storerepparttar 105540 person bagging your purchases left empty, unused spaces in each bag causing you to carry 10 instead of 5 bags out to your car then into your home. You would be investing some extra time, energy and space when it was unnecessary. Now transfer that thought torepparttar 105541 waste and recycling industry. Instead of filling a trash bag or bin with large empty spaces, we can all do some simple acts to help keep transportation costs down while reducing fossil fuel consumption and saving ourselves some time and money.

The flattening of boxes greatly increases space efficiency in a bin. This does not just apply to cardboard boxes, but also includes any paperboard (cereal or pet food) ones as well. Crushing cans before recycling is much more easily done if it is possible to remove bothrepparttar 105542 top and bottom lids first. Foil products are easily flattened by hand.

Periodically crush your garbage bag down to its true size you will find that it does not need to be placed onrepparttar 105543 curb as often. Fewer trips torepparttar 105544 dump means less fossil fuel consumed and reduced curbside idling idling is known to be terribly inefficient and more polluting than vehicles onrepparttar 105545 move. Garbage collection fees are more easily maintained byrepparttar 105546 company due to reduced costs per bag, and some companies even offer a discount for those who produce less waste. Also worth noting is thatrepparttar 105547 household will go through fewer plastic garbage bags.

Saving Energy in the Kitchen

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

Saving Energy inrepparttar Kitchen (312 words)

The kitchen, with all its appliances, gadgets and heat, is a real hotspot for potential energy saving. Asrepparttar 105539 oven usesrepparttar 105540 most energy and creates a vast amount of heat while cooking foods, it is a good place to start.

For instance, when baking cookies use two trays. While one is inrepparttar 105541 oven baking,repparttar 105542 other one is prepped with raw cookies ready to replacerepparttar 105543 tray inrepparttar 105544 oven with no wasted heat and some time saved. When we bake bread we also fillrepparttar 105545 oven with foil wrapped potatoes. The potatoes can be stored inrepparttar 105546 fridge withoutrepparttar 105547 foil and used throughoutrepparttar 105548 week in a myriad of recipes, or as a side dish. This method can be applied to a menu plan in that if you are baking one dish, try to include a side dish that is baked as well.

By turning offrepparttar 105549 oven a minute or two beforerepparttar 105550 dish is done,repparttar 105551 residual heat will finishrepparttar 105552 cooking. When done withrepparttar 105553 oven, openrepparttar 105554 door to allow any leftover heat to warmrepparttar 105555 home.

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