Effective media relations Ė you wonít be talking to the media without it!

Written by Mark Croxford

The mediaís role is to package and spread news, current affairs and public interest information torepparttar public. They have great power to shape and influence public opinion, to target and exploit audience reactions, emotions and opinions.

Setting up and maintaining good relationships withrepparttar 145243 media can be of enormous benefit. Effective media relations promote trust and balance betweenrepparttar 145244 media and an individual and their organisation. Once youíve proved yourself as a useful and dependable information source, youíll realise it can: oHelp to get your story into a news cycle. oProvide opportunities forrepparttar 145245 media to approach you for comment on appropriate stories which in turn helps a journalist add depth, by filling gaps or backing up information, to their story.

Effective media relations is about working with, rather than against,repparttar 145246 media. Thatís not to say you canít have a robust relationship withrepparttar 145247 media. However, adopting this approach gives you better access to journalists when there is something to say inrepparttar 145248 media.

Being available for comment when asked is another essential ingredient in effective media relations. In a crisis, your well-established media relationship can also provide you with a stronger opportunity to get a fair hearing in response.

Consider for a moment reactive media relations -repparttar 145249 only time you deal withrepparttar 145250 media is when things go wrong. The reactive situation puts pressure on outcomes and doesnít always allow for your messages to be delivered in a positive way. Obviously pressured reactive responses, or worst still, no response at all, can negatively influence public opinion of you and your organisation.

Land Subdivision - $1.2 Billion Dollar Developer Tells You How To Do It

Written by Colm Dillon

Land subdivision is a bit like helping Mom slice up her beautiful Apple Pie; itís all so easy when, like Mom, youíve done it a few times.

So letís see if we can getrepparttar ingredients for a land subdivision correct so you can do it right first time, OK?

Every city or town inrepparttar 145242 free world has a Town Plan and it comprises, not surprisingly, of plans or maps, usually with lots of different colors all over them, but also lots of words explaining whatrepparttar 145243 colors mean as well as lots of Rules that tell you what you can do with land.

The colors indicate different zonings that your elected Council has decided upon. So say, Residential housing may be Yellow; high density housing like units, condos may be Pink; and industrial Orange, whatever.

So you can see at a glance howrepparttar 145244 town plan is subdivided into land use categories.

Just as you canít build a house anywhere you like, so to you canít have a farm or a factory inrepparttar 145245 middle of a residential area either.

Sorepparttar 145246 first thing you must do is find out what isrepparttar 145247 ĎZoningí ofrepparttar 145248 land you own or are thinking of buying. Getting land Rezoned is another issue altogether.

Letís assume your land is zoned for residential housing. The Town Plan will tell you allrepparttar 145249 requirements you have to undertake for land subdivision.

It will tell yourepparttar 145250 minimum Lot size allowed in a residential subdivision. It will tell yourepparttar 145251 distance in feet or metres you have to Set-Back each lot fromrepparttar 145252 road, either internal and/or external, as well asrepparttar 145253 side boundaries of your land.

Now all that seems a bit complicated, but donít worry, there are professional land subdivision experts who will do all this work for you. Depending in what part ofrepparttar 145254 world you come from, you will engage either an Engineer inrepparttar 145255 USA or a Land Surveyor in Australia, New Zealand, UK or Ireland to prepare you land subdivision plan.

Always engage one who does their main work in your area, because these arerepparttar 145256 professional where local knowledge is very important.

They will know about soil conditions in your area, because they may have done several land subdivisions inrepparttar 145257 area already and completed soil testing.

They will also know aboutrepparttar 145258 provision of utilities like water supply, electricity, gas, telephone. All of these impact onrepparttar 145259 cost of your development.

For example, if water reticulation is not available on your road frontage andrepparttar 145260 nearest water supply is a mile away, then you may have to pay forrepparttar 145261 cost of piping water that distance.

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